Brooke Schofield Finally Dished on Her Relationship With Clinton Kane — And There's a Lot to Unpack

"If you think about all of his songs about how he wishes he could talk to his mom one more time, it's like, call her."

Sara Belcher - Author

Jun. 26 2024, Published 6:29 p.m. ET

Brooke Schofield and Clinton Kane
Source: Instagram/@brookeschofield, Instagram/@clintonkane

When it comes to controversial men, Canceled podcast co-host Brooke Schofield knows a thing or two. Her story of dating Matt Rife briefly went viral after his Netflix special dropped (and bombed), further fueling his cancelation. But added to the list of wild ex-boyfriend stories in her repertoire is Clinton Kane, a singer who supposedly lied about his family passing away.

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Though there's been a significant amount of time since the two have dated, Brooke took to her TikTok to share a 13-part story about the relationship, spilling all of the details and giving us a pretty solid timeline of their relationship to follow. Though we don't have exact dates for when their affair started, we now have a better understanding of how everything went down in their relationship. Let's unpack it.

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Clinton slid into Brooke's DMs to try to take her to dinner.

Brooke didn't spill on specific dates in her series, but she did say that it's been about two years since she and Clinton broke up, placing their first interactions sometime in 2021. In her storytime series, she claims that Clinton slid into her DMs chatting with her and eventually asking her to dinner in Las Vegas. She said he offered to fly her out, but she declined, insisting she wasn't interested.

From there, Brooke said he swiped up to reply on most of her stories, continuing to flirt with her and express an interest.

"Some would call him obsessed, honestly. But what am I going to do? I'm not going to fly to a stranger," she said.

Some undisclosed number of months later, Brooke said he invited her to a show he was doing in LA, and this was where she met him for the first time after the event.

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After a wonderful night clubbing, eating diner food, and swapping stories, Brooke admitted to liking him. She said they had another date the next day, which went really well, but he called her the next morning to break some not-great news.

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"The next day he calls me and he goes 'I am so sorry, and I'm so afraid to tell you, but I just got on set for my music video and I just tested positive for COVID," she said. He offered to let her stay with him in the hotel room he was quarantining in, and Brooke said that to keep her two roommates safe from potential exposure, she goes to stay with him. For the rest of their time together, she said she wasn't able to leave Clinton's side and they spent almost every day together.

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Brooke claims her relationship with Clinton was full of love bombing and "blowout fights."

"This man is not allowing me to go home," Brooke said, reflecting on the red flags. "This was the first major red flag. Like if I had a morning where I was like OK 'I want to go home and get new clothes and shower and just be a human and be alone for a second,' he would shut down."

But Brooke said she brushed this off as him being interested in her and took it as a good sign.

"He wants to be with me all the time, he is obsessed with me, of course," Brooke reflected. "Unfortunately, I believed it was a good thing at the time."

Her friends, though, encouraged them to date and they officially started an exclusive relationship. In between the elaborate trips and fancy dinners, though, Brooke said they quickly devolved into fights.

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"Our entire relationship was blowout fights, OK? But what's important about them is that they were literally out of thin air," she said, detailing one where he scolded her for not paying attention to him when she was on her phone during dinner.

When she eventually begins receiving comments from other women claiming that he's a serial cheater, she confronts him, and he confesses that he cheated on his last girlfriend.

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"What I realized when I really looked into it was that I was one of the girls," Brooke said. "Like I said, he has been messaging me constantly for the last year... When he tried to fly me out for dinner that one time, they were actively in a relationship."

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From here, the lies quickly unfolded. After his interview on the Zach Sang Show where he talked extensively about the death of his mother, brother, and father, Brooke said she looked up his mother on Facebook after a commenter claimed that he was lying about her passing. Though the Facebook profile she found hadn't been active in some time, she continued to grow suspicious of his lies, slowly piecing the false claims together.

Finally, after grappling with all of the emotions that are coming up as she unravels his false narrative, Brooke said she texted him asking him if there was anything he lied about, to which he only admits to lying about his age.

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How long did Clinton and Brooke date for? They broke up after she found out he was cheating on her.

Based on this timeline, it seems that they dated for about six months, though the exact timeline isn't clear. Their relationship came to a tumultuous end when she learned that he was cheating on her.

"I'll spare you the details of how I found out I was getting cheated on, but boy was I," Brooke said at the conclusion to her story. "But he was in fact cheating on me with so many people."

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She said that her accusing him of cheating was the final nail in the coffin of their relationship, and Clinton broke up with her. This, however, gave her the perfect opening to confront him about some of his other lies.

"But it was only then that I had the confidence to bring the mom thing up again... I asked him, 'Also, why did you fake the death of his family?' And of course, he denies it, and I then tell him, 'I've been talking to your mother.'"

This, Brooke admits, was a lie — but he then confessed to her that he lied about his mother and brother dying. His father has actually passed, though

"If you think about all of his songs about how he wishes he could talk to his mom one more time, it's like, call her," Brooke concludes.

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