Clinton Kane Allegedly Lied About His Family's Passing in Promo for Album

Tana Mongeau and Zach Sang aired the detailed of the alleged lies on Zach's podcast, saying Clinton's mother is alive.

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 2 2024, Published 3:05 p.m. ET

Many musicians have used their personal struggles and emotions to fuel their songwriting, and according to TikTok musician Clinton Kane, writing songs has been a sort of therapy for him. His debut album "Maybe Someday It’ll All Be Ok" was marketed as a tale of his journey through losing three family members in one year — but is that really true?

It turns out that though Clinton's music has touched plenty of people also dealing with grief, he allegedly wasn't honest about the death of his family.

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Clinton Kane falsely claimed three family members, including his mother, passed away.

As part of the promotion for his debut album, Clinton detailed his struggles through the loss of his father, mother, and brother in a now-deleted Instagram post. He used this as a talking point when discussing his rise to stardom, even convincing Taylor Weatherby of his honesty enough to write that "Brutal honesty has never been an issue for Kane" in a profile of him for the Grammys website.

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Clinton talked extensively about the death of his mother, recounting how he cried during her funeral on the Zach Sang Show, only for the comments to be filled with people refuting his claims, saying that his mother is still alive. Podcast host Zach Sang and Tana Mongeau, the best friend and podcast co-host of Clinton's ex Brooke Schofield, later put his alleged lies even further on blast on an episode of Zach's show.

"I can't wait for there to be a Netflix four-part documentary about that s--t," Tana said talking about Clinton and his time dating Brooke. "We were all rooting for it in the beginning. I was like I love Clinton's music — I still do to this day, I think he's so talented. We all were like 'F--k yeah, marry him.' And then it was like 'F--k yeah, run.' It flipped very quickly."

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"I've been in Los Angeles for seven years now, maybe longer, and I have never seen anything, and I cannot stress that enough when I say anything... that situation takes the cake by far," Tana continued. "I don't think he would know a truth if it hit him in the face."

"A hundred percent," Zach piped in.

It was then that the two podcasters elaborated on their vague comments, clarifying that it was through Zach's podcast comments they unearthed Clinton's supposed lies.

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"In a nutshell, allegedly, Clinton Kane, who you may know from TikTok, he wove together this entire narrative that he had lost his mother," Zach said. "Allegedly, Clinton Kane has lied about his mom being dead, even though he's released numerous songs about it, and an album about it."

Following this internet speculation, Clinton backpedaled, saying that the "mother" he referenced in his music was a mother figure who adopted him at a young age, though that claim has also been questioned.

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Where is Clinton Kane from? That's also up for debate.

When you search for Clinton and his music, he's sometimes labeled as an Australian singer and songwriter, while other outlets label him a Filipino-Norwegian musician. Clinton's accent is another point of contention among people on the internet — in interviews the comments often point out his frequent "jumping between accents." He's reportedly claimed to have grown up in Perth, Australia, though he split his time between there and the U.K. to visit both parents.

One YouTube comment from someone claiming to have gone to school with Clinton claims he went to school at Seri Mulia Sarjana in Brunei, which is part of the Philippines. We don't have any way to verify this information, though it's clear a lot of what the artist says should be taken with a grain of salt. At this time, it's not entirely clear where he's from, or if his accent is authentic, though plenty of potential fans on the internet aren't ready to accept his words at face value anymore.

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