TikTok Star Coco Bliss In Handcuffs After New York City Hotel Fight With Grace

TikTok stars @imcocobliss and @bbyyygrace got into a fight at a New York City Hotel. The following morning, cops showed up to cuff Coco Bliss.

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Sep. 7 2023, Published 4:37 p.m. ET

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Source: TikTok / @iamcocobliss

The Gist:

  • TikTok stars Coco Bliss and Grace's long-standing internet beef got physical after they ran into each other at a New York City hotel in September 2023
  • Footage from their altercation quickly made the rounds on TikTok and Twitter
  • Both Coco Bliss and Grace claimed they won the fight
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Forget beefing on social media. TikTok stars Coco Bliss and Grace took things to the next level after unexpectedly running into each other in New York City.

What prompted their fight and how did it pan out? We've got all the details below.

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Source: TikTok / @iamcococliss; Instagram / @ggracemarieee
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TikTok stars Coco Bliss and Grace got into a fight IRL.

In September 2023, TikTok creators Coco Bliss, who goes by @imcocobliss on the platform, and Grace, known as @bbyyygrace on the platform, got into a physical altercation after they found out they were staying in the same New York City hotel. The women had allegedly been beefing online for a while, but it's unclear about what.

Footage from the fight ended up on Twitter and TikTok and these ladies were not not holding back. In one clip, they are seen on the hotel floor outside of an elevator wrestling each other. Coco Bliss, who had been wearing a red wig, was seen without her hairpiece as Grace attacked her.

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After the fight, Grace shared a TikTok of her holding a piece of a red wig and wrote “Guess who?” Fans were able to quickly deduce that something had happened involving the popular influencer.

Coco also shared a TikTok around the same time wearing the remains of her wig and wrote "All you did was snatch my wig and scratch my face babe."

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At some point, Coco had claimed she wanted to go for a round two. However, that never happened.

In a later video, Coco addressed this, saying: “I only tried to go a second round because she was saying she wanted to go at it again while she was on live."

Coco then explained that after the fight, Grace told security that she had attacked her and threatened legal action.

It's unclear who actually threw the first punch, though.

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Coco further explained that the fight broke out because Grace got off the elevator at the same time that she was getting on. “She tried to pull out her phone to make a joke out of me. So I knocked her phone out her hand and we started to go at it," Coco said.

In terms of who won the fight, Coco claimed that she won, saying "[Grace] lost fair and square." However, Grace had claimed that she was the winner in a now-deleted TikTok video.

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Grace seemingly called the cops on Coco Bliss the next morning. Was Coco Bliss arrested?

The morning after the fight, Coco Bliss's ex-boyfriend, rapper, and internet star iHeartMemphis, shared footage of Coco getting handcuffed outside of the hotel and then getting into a police car. He claimed that Grace had called the cops on Coco.

In one of the videos, a cop is heard saying that he reviewed footage of their fight from the hotel and it looked like Coco had started it.

It's unclear if Coco was actually taken into custody or if she was just going down to the station to answer questions.

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How old are Coco Bliss and Grace? They are six years apart.

Coco Bliss, who hails from Miami, Fla., was 22 years old at the time of her fight with Grace. Meanwhile, Grace from New Orleans, La., was 28 years old at the time of the fight.

The women have a six year age gap between them.

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