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This Is Why Sleeping in a Cold Room Improves Your Health


If you like keeping your bedroom colder than the rest of your house just so you could snuggle under a blanket when you go to sleep, then it's probably for a good reason.

Even during the winter, I find it difficult to sleep in a room that's just a bit too warm. When summer time comes, I'd much rather blast the air conditioning so I could sleep under a blanket instead of just going without a cover.

I suspected this was due largely in part to my inherent weirdness as a human being, but it actually goes a bit deeper than that: I've got science on my side to defend my "unusual" sleeping habits.

Dr. Christopher Winter, Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine's medical director said in an interview with HuffPost that the temperatures of the rooms we sleep in play a huge factor in the quality of the rest that we give ourselves.