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Source: Instagram

Marathon Runner Loses Sponsorship Deals After Kicking Dog in the Middle of a Race


Any sport at a top-level is serious business, so it goes without saying that athletes who are competing professionally are under a lot of stress. You know that there are throngs of other people who are training just as hard, if not harder than you are, to reach their maximum potential. And while marathoning might not be as "intense" as sports like Football, that doesn't mean runners aren't getting violent with themselves to test their limits, like dog-kicking Colombian athlete Jamie Alejandro.

Jamie was competing in the Saint Silvester Road Race in Caldas, Colombia which had participants trudging through winding streets on New Year's eve. While moving with a group of other runners on a street in Neira, a brown dog passed in front of Jamie along with other participants. While mid-stride, Jamie can be seen kicking the dog to move out of the way. The pupper scampers along with his tail between his legs.