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Source: instagram

Writers Swear By This Unlikely Cure for Writers' Block: Comic Sans


November is National Novel Writing Month AKA NaNoWriMo which means it's unofficially also National Writers Block Awareness Month. I just made that up but it should definitely be a thing. Nothing is more stressful to a writer than staring at a blank page trying to will the words to come. But it turns out the cure may be as simple as changing your font. The only problem is, that font is... Comic Sans.

Few fonts are more reviled than Comic Sans, the casual Microsoft typeface that mimics the lettering style in comic books. While some might support its use in classrooms or for "whimsical" applications, it's almost universally maligned. However, it's been suggested that this very uncool, dorky font could break the dam that keeps you from hitting your word count.

Source: Twitter