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Source: iStock

13 Contractors Share the Weirdest Thing They've Seen in a Customer's Home


If you've ever watched reality shows like Hoarders or My Strange Addiction, you know what oddities often lie behind people's front doors. However, people who work in trades from plumbing to cable installation definitely see more weirdness than your average A&E viewer. Any job that requires you to enter a private residence to do your work can open the door to a whole host of unexpected sights and smells. 

A recent AskReddit thread invited people to share the weirdest encounter they had when entering a customer's residence. These 13 anecdotes prove humans really are the strangest species in the animal kingdom.


Working children's birthday parties seems like it would be a blast, although there are bad customers in any service job, even one as creative and fun as being a face painter. Thankfully, toxik0n has had a mostly positive experience in that line of work. However, they did have one customer whose home stood out from the rest. 

"I went to one house, kinda messy and smelly, but no big deal. I started setting up my supplies and I heard a weird 'peep' sound above me. I look up to see a guinea pig running through a clear plastic tube attached to the ceiling. Then I take a good look around the house and notice the whole place is covered with a network of guinea pig tubes." Apparently, this family kept 10 guinea pigs as pets and had constructed a giant habitrail for them." 

I'm sorry to report not all the accounts we read were this wholesome.