Sleep-Deprived New Parents Thought Their Sponges Were Garlic Bread, Tried to Cook Them

This woman and her husband cooked a pair of sponges thinking that they were garlic bread in a confounding but true story of food mishaps.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jun. 14 2023, Published 2:21 p.m. ET

When you're especially hungry, your brain may cause you to do some really strange things. Sure, you might feel physically dizzy. But in some cases, you might find yourself becoming delirious, irritable, or even downright confused when the hunger pangs hit. Snickers commercials may be onto something, because you may not be you when you're hungry. Though how many of us can say that we were so hungry that we threw a random piece of kitchenware in the oven to try and eat?

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That's exactly what one TikToker went through. According to @corypea on TikTok, she's purportedly guilty of trying to cook sponges after thinking that they were pieces of garlic bread she had in her freezer.

You'd be forgiven for any of the burning questions you may already have in mind over this conundrum. Why were there sponges in the freezer? How long was it before she realized the sponges weren't what she thought? The TikToker answers all this in more in a story of compounding oddities.

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A woman cooks sponges thinking that they're garlic bread. She shares her story on TikTok.

In mid-June 2023, @corypea posted about her strange experience in a TikTok that has over 2.4 million views as of this writing. As she tells it, the incident took place "soon after bringing [her and her husband's] newborn home from the hospital."

After spending some time with oft-maligned hospital food, they were desperate for a home-cooked meal and decided to go Italian for the occasion. At the time, her husband told her that there was what he believed to be garlic bread in the freezer.

They immediately decided to try and toast it up, thinking that they'd be munching on it in 15 minutes at most. After waiting for more than an hour and a half, the "garlic bread" remained soft, much to @corypea's chagrin. It wasn't until the 90-minute mark that either of them realized that the garlic bread was not garlic bread at all. Instead, the two of them had waited for the length of an average movie trying to toast two yellow sponges that look strikingly similar to garlic bread.

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"They looked like buttery processed garlic breads," @corypea claimed in a follow-up.

The comments section immediately blew up with questions, most of which @corypea tried to answer.

As for who put the sponges in the freezer in the first place, two out-of-town friends were the guilty party. As new parents themselves, they apparently took two of their wet sponges and put them in the freezer so that @corypea and her family could use them as ice packs.

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For the morbidly curious, she did reportedly taste one of the sponges. If you think about it, that may have been the only way she could have officially checked to confirm that what she was toasting wasn't what she thought. We can assume that they tasted like sponges.

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The TikToker even responded to claims that she was making up the story for clout, with some folks picking apart the fact that the sponges didn't burn in the oven. Though she states that she's "no Bill Nye," she guessed that their frozen state somehow protected them from burning.

Nevertheless, @coreypea — who lovingly refers to garlic bread as "garly B" — is taking the whole thing in stride, fully realizing her foolhardiness over the mistake.

"I'm just a garly-B girl in a sleep-deprived world," she staunchly declares.

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