These Cops Responded to a Noise Complaint and Got Invited Inside for Tacos

One social media user and her family were celebrating her mom's 50th birthday — and then, the cops showed up. So they invited them in for tacos.

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Aug. 30 2023, Published 6:24 p.m. ET

Thanks to doorbell cameras, moments that wouldn’t otherwise be seen have gone viral on social media.

In one instance, a woman fell asleep with her door open and a local hero stepped in to save the day. On the other hand, there are moments we wish no one ever saw — like this guy, who got caught cheating on camera. Last but not least, there’s some ring camera footage that’s just plain creepy.

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Whether they’re used for good or evil — no one can deny that doorbell cameras reign supreme when it comes to content for social media. And over on TikTok, a user named Lany Gonzales posted a video recording from her camera that was just way too good not to share.

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Cops respond to a noise complaint at this mom’s birthday party — and get invited inside for cake and tacos.

In a video with more than 12 million views as of this writing, Lany revealed what happened when her neighbors called the cops on her and her houseguests. But their encounter was surprisingly pleasant and mildly hilarious.

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Lany explained that her family had only recently moved into their house and had gathered to celebrate her mom’s birthday. While the officers were empathetic, they told Lany that she had to cut the music down.

Before they left, the cops were invited in for cake and tacos. The invitation left the comment section in shambles. “LMAO she talked to them like she was expecting more guests,” one TikTok commenter wrote.

“Didn’t even give 'em a chance just fed them immediately,” someone else added. "That's love."

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The video then ended on a cliffhanger. Everyone in the comments was wondering if the cops actually came in and grabbed a plate. Another user chimed in: “I low-key need to see part two of them eating tacos …”

"Please tell me they went in!" someone else wrote.

So, did the cops go in and get litty? A follow-up video revealed what happened!

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Did the cops actually join the party? The surprising conclusion to the viral clip!

Not long after the initial clip went viral, Lany dropped a second video showing what went down next.

The cops ultimately decided not to accept any parting gifts from the family, but that didn’t mean they weren’t tempted.

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While one cop was adamant that they couldn’t participate in the festivities, the other didn’t seem so sure. But can you blame him? According to the comments, social media sure doesn’t.

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“I just know that one cop got back in the car and said, ‘Man why didn’t you say yes to the tacos,’” one commenter joked.

Another TikToker in the comments said: “My mans had a foot in the door [and] was ready to come in LOL.”

Let this be a lesson that life’s too short to be so serious. So please, let your neighbors party in peace — either that or pull up and grab yourself a taco.

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