New Homeowner Had the Police Called on Him Shortly After Settling Into His New House

The police were called on a new homeowner after he had just settled into the house. He captured the entire altercation on video and posted to TikTok.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 29 2023, Published 5:20 p.m. ET

When you're settling into a new home, you would hope for a warm welcome, or at the very least a smooth transition from one living space to the next. Maybe you'll throw a little housewarming party with your friends or even greet your new neighbors with a friendly smile and some sort of baked treat. Heck, maybe the only thing you're looking for is to be left in peace while you try to move in. The last thing anyone would be looking for is an unsolicited visit from the police.

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Unfortunately, that's exactly the run-in that Justin Voss had. On his TikTok (@justvoss636), he shared a harrowing experience he had when he, as a new homeowner, had the cops called on him. Here's what went down and what he's decided to do about it.

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The police were called on a new homeowner. The internet urges him to retaliate.

As if moving weren't stressful enough on its own, Justin had to contend with the police shortly after settling into his new home in Bloomington, Minn. He captured the entire event and posted it to TikTok and the results aren't pretty.

Presumably, a neighbor had called the police on Justin and his fellow housemate after they didn't recognize the people living in their new house. The video begins with multiple cops already at Justin's door.

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None of the cops responded to Justin's initial requests for their names and badge numbers, and one of the cops went so far as to ask for proof that Justin lived there. Though he asked someone off-camera to grab the paperwork, the police weren't going anywhere right away. Justin even caught one of the cops lying to him about a supervisor being present.

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The officers eventually relented and gave Justin their names and badge numbers, but just as Justin asked his off-camera housemate to provide proof that they were the new homeowners, he was told to put his hands behind his back. The video ends with Justin dropping his phone as the police approach him.

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Justin didn't make any mention of having gotten arrested, so we can only hope that he was able to convince the cops of his innocence. However, he was understandably displeased with the treatment he received from the police. In a follow-up video, he showed up at the police station to file a complaint.

Naturally, folks in the comments section are on his side. Many relished in the fact that the cop who was purported to be the "supervisor" Justin demanded denied being in that position right off the jump. But for the most part, people shared in Justin's frustration.

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In fact, many people believe that this treatment is grounds for him to sue the police force to help him pay off his new house.

"[You] just bought the house and [now you're] paying it off within the year," one person claimed. "Congrats!"

Another person echoed the sentiment, writing, "It's like wrapping a block of cash in a cute basket to welcome you to the neighborhood. How sweet."

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To that end, many people feel as if the complaint in his second video isn't enough.

One person commented on his follow-up, "Take them to court. That's a whole lawsuit that you will win."

Another user suggested an alternative route, writing, "Filing a complaint there won't do much good. Call the mayor and a state rep."

Though this was far from the proper housewarming that Justin might have wanted, he'll hopefully be able to see some real justice served in the wake of his mistreatment.

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