This Karen Called the Cops on a Black Woman for Working in Her Own Office Building

Pretty Honore - Author

Aug. 11 2023, Published 1:45 p.m. ET

If there’s one thing that a Karen will always have, it’s the audacity.

Whether it’s storming into someone’s house or playing victim in a car accident that she caused, a Karen’s entitlement knows no bounds. It can be hard to keep your cool during an interaction with a Karen, but a life coach by the name of Dr. Marquisha Frost (@__thedocisin) handled it like a pro.

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Marquisha was on a call with a client when she had the displeasure of encountering a Karen who claimed Marquisha didn’t “belong” in her own office building and called the cops. In the end, Karen got a lesson in minding the business that pays her.

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A Karen called the cops on a Black woman for working in her own office building.

Marquisha was locked out of her office building, so she went to the break room on another floor to take a call. During the call, a Karen entered the room and demanded that Marquisha identify herself.

When Marquisha refused to acknowledge her, Karen called the cops and told them that the life coach didn’t “belong” in the office building and even attempted to assault her. During the tussle, she almost knocked Marquisha’s phone out of her hand.

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Soon after, the cops arrived and attempted to resolve the situation. Only then did Marquisha set the record straight. Karen responded: “OK, but if you would have just said you were locked out of your office …”

“I don’t have to answer to you,” Marquisha interjected. And no lies were told.

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Dr. Marquisha Frost filed an order of protection against office hall monitor Karen.

Marquisha’s attacker mentioned that her name is Tracy, but we could all agree that a Karen by any other name is just as irksome. In the caption of her video, Marquisha described the incident as “disgusting and unfortunate.”

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Following the incident, Marquisha filed for an order of protection. “People are not well. Hate is real. The idea that Black people are ‘out of place' and 'do not belong' is a widespread one,” her caption reads.

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“The only reason the video made it to social was because the owners of the building and the property managers have refused to take action,” Marquisha said in a follow-up video. “They have said that this is an incident that they don't believe requires their involvement.”

“But — I managed well and am taking the steps necessary to protect myself from this woman and people like her at all costs,” she added.

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After her viral Karen encounter, Dr. Marquisha Frost is now the internet’s favorite life coach.

In the comment section of Marquisha’s now-viral video, TikTok users applauded her for her restraint.

“Couldn't of been me! Sis, you did good. [Because] she had the nerve to say, ‘You could've just told me that.’ The audacity,” a user named Bree wrote.

Another TikToker chimed in: "Are you accepting new clients? I need your help staying this calm. Seriously. Are you?"

If you want to book Marquisha’s life coaching services for yourself, you better get a move on it. It looks like our good sis is about to be booked and busy after her viral Karen encounter.

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