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Source: CBS

There's a Ton of People Who Actually Believe Corona Causes the Coronavirus


In many ways, the world is getting dumber. Sure, we have access to more impressive technology in the history of our species than ever before. We have devices in our pockets that, 24/7, gives us access to the collective knowledge humanity has gathered since basically the dawn of time — not to mention the endless possible means of communicating across the globe.

But that doesn't matter because there are lots of folks who believe the Coronavirus is caused by Corona.

Like, drinking Corona beer will give you the possibly fatal disease. After hearing this, it's hard not to launch into a tirade highlighting that Aldous Huxley is right — and that maybe the vastness of misinformation and endless echo chambers of idiocy, preaching not only ill-conceived, yet comfortable ideologies, is making humanity dumber. Just look at the news cycle and how "fake news" and meaningless stories constantly take precedence over ones with real world significance.