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Source: ABC

'Modern Family' Slays Halloween — Here Are Their Best Costumes


If you're one of many Modern Family fans who have watched the show in its entirety, you're probably well-aware that the show loves Halloween — with six spooky season episodes, the Dunphys are always ready to celebrate the October holiday.

And while the plot lines seem to get increasingly funnier, so do the costumes. Seriously, if you need costume inspo, check out the Halloween costumes from each season of Modern Family — you definitely won't regret doing so. 

These are the most epic Modern Family Halloween costumes:

1. Season 2: Haley as Mother Teresa

Source: YouTube

When Haley and Claire simply could not agree on an appropriate costume, Haley decided to opt for the most... um, "holy" option out there: Mother Teresa. But obviously, her execution of the outfit wasn't quite wholesome enough for Claire.

"Mom, you cannot have a problem with this, I'm Mother Teresa!"