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Source: istock

Guy Secretly Put LSD in Colleagues' Drinks to Diffuse "Negative Energy" at Work


A 19-year-old former car rental service employee is facing criminal charges for his "unique" approach to fostering a more open and positive work environment.

There are fewer things worse than working at a job you truly hate. It's where you spend the majority of your time, and every minute you're there is another minute spent feeling unhappy and realizing you're nowhere closer to reaching your personal aspirations.

Most people complain about their jobs but never do anything about it. But every so often, you come across someone who takes action to improve the situation. It doesn't always work, but you can feel them fighting for something that'll make them happy.

Perhaps that's what happened with this young man from Missouri who had enough of his toxic work environment at an Enterprise car rental. When you're constantly trying to up-sell tourists on insurance plans and calmly explaining the "hidden" charges and fees to their rental, along with price-gouging them on the cost of a loaner child seat, things can get kinda boring. Having to do all of that with coworkers you don't get along with only makes the job worse.