"I Am Left Traumatized" — CPS Raids Woman's Home in an Egregious Case of Mistaken Identity

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Nov. 27 2023, Updated 4:32 p.m. ET

I've always had this irrational fear where I get wrongfully implicated in a crime I didn't commit. It's gotten to the point where I clock certain events as alibis in case someone knocks on my door while I'm writing this and asks where I was on the night of Nov. 18 and I can tell them that I was ordering crappy Red Bull drinks for a free keychain at a BBQ joint.

Again, it's pretty irrational. After all, it's highly unlikely that I'll ever be approached with that kind of accusation.

Or is it?

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As this woman might warn you on TikTok, it may not be as unlikely as you think. In a TikTok shared in mid-November 2023, Anna Moore (@annavgantt) recounted her harrowing experience in which Child Protective Services (CPS) raided her home. The worst part? They had the wrong woman.

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CPS raided the wrong woman's house on their search, leaving her traumatized.

In a series of multiple videos, Anna lays out the events that took place on what she called "the worst day of [her] life". On Nov. 9, three people claiming to be working with CPS knocked on her door asking to search her home in Georgia.

According to them, they were looking for the residence of a woman named Anna Moore and her three children of different ages. They also wanted to search the home for methamphetamine, ecstasy, and needles, suggesting that the woman they were looking for was in possession of these things.

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Anna immediately knew that they had the wrong house. While she did admit to them that her legal name was indeed Anna Moore, she only had one five-month-old child and certainly didn't have any drugs in her house. Unfortunately, that didn't stop the agents.

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After Anna's mother urged her to let them in order to prove her innocence, they proceeded to raid her home in search of drugs that she didn't even have in the first place. Anna even claims that the workers asked for a urine sample and demanded that she urinate in front of them. They even took out chunks of her hair for "samples."

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"I felt like I had to comply and was willing to cooperate to prove my innocence," Anna stated in her initial TikTok. "But we feel that they took this way too far and were very aggressive with their approach."

In one of her many follow-ups, Anna revealed that she does have legal representation over the emotional and physical damage she suffered during this ordeal. To that end, she is seeking "many types of compensation."

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As for CPS, Anna also disclosed that they've been made aware of their error and have reportedly taken action. As of this writing, one employee has been fired with many others under investigation.

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As Anna continues to pursue legal action for her trauma, she hopes that her experience will help others avoid the same type of emotional damage. She urges folks to ask for warrants or official police documentation if they ever find themselves in a situation like this.

"CPS needs an entire reboot across this nation," Anna remarks in her most recent update as of this writing.

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