Internet Told Woman to Leave Husband for "Red Flag" Behavior, Now She Says He Was Joking

Kelly Corbett - Author

Nov. 22 2023, Published 12:03 p.m. ET

Most of what we watch on TikTok consists of playful, dance-filled videos. But every now and then you’ll watch a video that gives you major red flags. Perhaps you’ll watch a couple film a video together and notice some toxic behaviors on one partner’s part. And even though these are just mere strangers to you, you want to help out and warn the other partner about their relationship.

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That’s what occurred after one woman posted a video with her husband where he engaged in a rather surprising action. Users immediately were thrown off by what he did and tried to warn the woman that a partner should never behave like that and she could be in a very unhealthy relationship.

But when she finally addressed these very serious claims, she revealed that the video was actually just a joke and that everyone was blowing things out of proportion. But if it was a joke, why was nobody laughing?

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After a woman shared a video where her husband destroys a puzzle she just finished, TikTokers urge her to leave him.

A TikTok user named Kris took to the platform to share a video with text that read “puzzle destroyed by my future ex-husband.” In the 26-second clip, Kris shows off a whimsical puzzle she completed featuring a puppy cozied up in the basket of a bicycle. She even gingerly slides the puzzle off the table and holds it up like a portrait. The puzzle impressively stays intact and she says to her husband in the background, “See, it works!”

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He responds “That’s cool” as he checks out her work. But here’s where things get disturbing.

Out of nowhere, he punches her puppy puzzle, instantly obliterating all her hard work. The room is absolutely silent.

Kris looks upset. Before ending the video, she pans her phone to the floor to show all the broken puzzle pieces.

“If anyone knows a good divorce lawyer, let me know,” she wrote in the caption.

Users were appalled by her husband's behavior and urged Kris that his destroying her puzzle like that was a red flag and definitely not OK.

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tiktok comments husband punches puzzle
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“Red flag that he truly doesn’t care about you and your hobbies. Get away before it gets worse, love!” wrote one user.

Another said: “Here’s what I know. If a man takes joy in harming something that brings you joy, he has deep anger or resentment in him for you. It’s time to leave.”

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After receiving numerous notes from concerned users, Kris shared a follow-up video.

In this new video, she apologized if she offended any other users and/or triggered victims of domestic abuse. “It was not intended to be like that at all. It was intended to be lighthearted fun that we are having,” she said of the puzzle video.

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“The whole background behind this video is that I planned everything. I decided that I was going to lift that puzzle up and I wanted him to come smack it out of my hands because I thought that was funny,” Kris revealed.

tiktok comments husband destroys puzzle
Source: tiktok
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Kris further noted that if users had a problem with it, they could unfollow her. She also noted that she and her husband slap objects out of each other's hands and steal each other’s food all the time.

Unfortunately, Kris’s explanation did not give TikTok users the reassurance that they were looking for. “Wait… is she gaslighting us?” wrote one user.

Another user said: “I use to make excuses for my ex as well. I really hope it was just a joke ... just didn’t seem like it.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

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