What Is the Tyla Water Dance Challenge?

Emerging singer Tyla has gotten to another level of fame. She has her own TikTok dance challenge. Let's break it down the Tyla water dance challenge.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 19 2023, Published 8:29 p.m. ET

Before there was TikTok, it was so hard for an unknown artist to break into the music industry. But now with TikTok, artists have the ability to have their music be heard by people all around the world.

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Now we aren't saying it's easy to have a viral song, but so many popular songs these days were viral on TikTok first. Tyla's "Water" is one of those. Tyla is a a singer and songwriter from South Africa who broke the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with her song "Water" all thanks to a viral TikTok dance challenge.

Let's break it down!

What is the Tyla water dance challenge on TikTok?

Tyla leaving Heart FM Radio Station in London on Oct. 10, 2023
Source: Getty Images

Tyla and her choreographer Litchi created the water dance challenge. The dance was actually in the music video for her song "Water," and the pair smartly took it to TikTok in the hopes that it would blow up and it did just that.

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The dance challenge is set to the part of the song that goes:

Make me sweat Make me hotter Make me lose my breath Make me water Make me sweat Make me hotter Make me lose my breath Make me water

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The dance is actually performed with your back facing the camera. You basically keep your hips moving to the beat the entire time, and then when the lyrics say "sweat" you wipe "sweat" off your bro.

You then reach your left arm out to the side and hop on the left foot simultaneously while the other leg falls out and then gets to a "stanky leg position." You then bounce your butt to the drum beat while pouring water down your back.

You go back to the first position with your hips moving constantly, and instead of jumping onto the other foot, you snake your upper body to the opposite side so that your leg is back in the "stanky leg position." Once again you bounce your butt to the music's time and pour water on your back.

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Tyla did the viral dance at an award show and made the crowd go wild.

Naturally, the fans loved the dance so much that they started to participate in the water dance challenge and it took off from there.

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Content creator @enola.bedard slayed this challenge, but we would expect nothing less from our dancing queen. We absolutely love her friend cheering her on in the back with the wooden spoons.

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In this hilarious version, @carliegrisham had her husband record the dance for her, laughing at her and being very confused about what was happening. Carlie used a wine glass instead of a water bottle and spilled it on the floor instead of down her back. The caption joked, "My husband humbled me so fast when I tried to do this water trend for him."

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And this challenge isn't just for the girlies. There's a video of @henrycorvalan absolutely SLAYING the moves. He's just missing the water bottle, which is low-key our favorite part.

BRB, I need to make a quick TikTok.

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