"Getting Sturdy" Is the Viral Dance That Has the Internet in a Chokehold — Here's Its Origin Story

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Aug. 14 2023, Published 6:42 p.m. ET

No matter your age, sex, religion, or orientation — there’s one thing that unites us all and it’s the sound of music. On TikTok, trends go viral every day with almost every one of them introducing us to a new song and dance.

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Let’s take getting sturdy, for instance. You’ve probably seen the phrase all over your feed by now. But if you’re not in the loop, we’ve got you covered.

So, what does getting sturdy mean? Read to find out!

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What is getting sturdy? Details on the dance trend that’s taken over your timeline.

If the Russian squat dance and hopscotch had a baby, it would look a lot like getting sturdy.

The Russian squat dance can only be performed by men — getting sturdy, on the other hand, is for everyone. If you don’t believe me, just check out this kid in a Yamaka who totally killed it in a New York smoke shop.

Or perhaps you’d like to direct your attention to this video of internet-famous weather man, Nick Kosir.

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You want to start off by doing a little kick step to the beat. And then, you break it down (both literally and figuratively.) Bend at the knees and pop back up while extending one leg at a time. If you wanna get really fancy, touch your shoes or add a handstand into the mix.

When you’re standing, feel free to do a little footwork.

If getting sturdy looks a little too complicated for you, you may want to check out one of Kai Cenat’s tutorials. In one video, he even teaches Ice Spice to do the viral dance.

But to execute, you’ll need one thing: good knees.

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The dance looks a lot like the Woo Walk, which was made famous by late rapper Pop Smoke’s popular song “Dior”. The dance is normally performed to the tune of popular New York drill rap songs or sped-up pop songs like “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy and Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”.

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Since its inception, the dance has had viral success on the internet. So much so that it seemingly got the attention of gaming execs over at Elden Ring. Players have caught the NPCs in the game getting sturdy in the background. LOL.

Someone named @snowsinoctober tweeted: “Them women getting sturdy and giggling in Elden Ring gotta be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Dance trends may come and go, but getting sturdy is forever. Just make sure to do a few stretches before getting sturdy if you happen to be over the age of 30.

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