This Creative Hopscotch Idea Takes Your Favorite Childhood Game to the Next Level

Looking for some fun in the sun? Check out this super creative, now-viral hopscotch hack that surfaced on social media! Here's how to re-create it...

Pretty Honore - Author

Jun. 13 2023, Published 6:39 p.m. ET

Gone are the days when Chutes and Ladders and Monopoly were the cool kids on the block. These young whippersnappers have access to the internet, rendering toys like crayons and bicycles useless. But even though the way that kids play has changed drastically over the years, there are some things that will always stay the same.

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Even adults have a hard time passing up a game of hopscotch, and thanks to one TikTok user, the trend will be back in style in no time.

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Social media is where creatives come alive. Regardless of how unique your niche happens to be, you’re sure to find content to keep you busy on TikTok — just check out this totally creative hopscotch hack that’s guaranteed to bring your inner child out to play!

This TikToker's creative hopscotch idea is the game you didn’t know you needed.

Every year, summer comes around and the world is back outside — but when I say outside, I don’t mean just mean the streets. In fact, according to a TikTok user named Rachel (@1lehcar1), the fun really goes down on the sidewalk.

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In June 2023, Rachel, aka the summer fun fairy, took to the platform with an idea that is sure to revolutionize the game of hopscotch for years to come.

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Those of us who are old enough to drink remember when hopscotch was a simple, mildly athletic game where players were tasked with keeping their balance until they made it to the top of the numbered grid.

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However, Rachel’s rendition of hopscotch is a whole lot different than the run-of-the-mill chalk art obstacles that many of us grew up with, and that’s exactly why her idea quickly gained traction after it first surfaced online.

On the first leg of Rachel’s hopscotch grid was a collection of bubbles that were ready for popping. Next up, hopscotchers were challenged to walk the fine-lined stem of a sunflower. Additionally, Rachel’s hopscotch board featured letters, and lily pads, and planets, oh my!

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One person pointed out that Rachel’s creative hopscotch grids only last until it rains … but it doesn’t bother her one bit. “It did rain tonight, but that's fine, it gives me something to do,” she replied.

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Since her idea went viral, Rachel has inspired other hopscotch enthusiasts to hop on the bandwagon, creating their own unique sidewalk art for their kids. For example, TikTok user @Wintzkil was one of the many who tried it out for themselves.

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“I’m gonna need more of these! I did this one for my kids today and man did they love it,” they gushed in the comment section. Plus, a number of TikTokers even took to the platform to share photos and videos of their creations.

Another user, @nikkalinaxbella, added: “I did this for my son and thought it was so cute. I posted it on Facebook and [tagged] your TikTok!”

Interested in trying out this trend yourself? All you need is some chalk, concrete, and a little imagination! Happy hopscotching!

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