Do You Have Knees Like Megan? The Latest TikTok Trend Is Perfect For Born Dancers

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Sep. 23 2021, Published 12:01 p.m. ET

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Best of Beth (@martibeth1_), Sara (@saraidacecilia), and TikTokmomma7 (@tiktokmomma7) are just some of the influencers who have already jumped on the "Knees Like Megan" trend on TikTok.

A relatively straightforward, easy-to-perfect dance, the Knees Like Megan Challenge calls on TikTokers to bust their finest moves and perform what can best be described as erotic squatting. So, what does "Knees Like Megan" mean? What does the challenge entail?

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What does "Knees Like Megan" mean? Is it related to the "Knees Like Megan" TikTok trend?

Mouse On Tha Track (aka Jeremy Allen), a rapper and producer from Baton Rouge, La., released "Knees Like Megan" in April 2021, and it immediately became a hit on TikTok.

The lyrics of the immensely catchy song revolve around club-goers with a strong sex appeal and incredible dancing skills. The song is frequently used by those partaking in the "Knees Like Megan" Challenge.

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With the song, Mouse On Tha Track likely references the increasingly popular phrase, "Megan Knees," for Megan Thee Stallion, a rapper famed for her unparalleled twerking skills.

Per Urban Dictionary, "Megan knees" is a superlative awarded to those able to expertly move their lower body to a tight rhythm. In other words, people use it to describe superbly talented dancers with a great deal of stamina and some buttock power.

The "Megan knees" section on Urban Dictionary was first entered on May 3, 2021, which means that the phrase entered common parlance roughly around the same time as Mouse On Tha Track dropped "Knees Like Megan."

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Source: TikTok

The "Knees Like Megan" TikTok trend calls on social media users to showcase their finest moves.

Particularly popular among women, the "Knees Like Megan" TikTok trend involves rigorous hip and buttock movements. As such, it may work best for people who have had their fair share of leg days at the gym.

Either way, the choreography is straightforward and relatively easy to learn — which means that less experienced dancers can easily partake in the challenge too. Some TikTokers did point out that the challenge required some effort and a strong enough physique, however.

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Source: TikTok

"I was actually struggling not to fall over," cauliflower enthusiast (@avocadogirl267) captioned her take.

Posted on May 5, 2021, the short clip was liked by 254,300 TikTokers and counting.

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Other TikTokers to partake in the challenge include Peaches (@peachesthick), who wore what appears to be a Stars and Stripes-patterned bikini for the occasion. Unlike some other TikTokers, she went for a close-up, drawing even more attention to her physique.

Source: TikTok

Mia and Rosalinda Salinas (@rosy.salinass) teamed up for this one. What started out as a perfectly timed routine quickly descended into slight chaos after one of the girls fell. Others, like Best of Beth (@martibeth1_), took it to TikTok to prove that they have already perfected the art form — showing that they have "Megan-er knees" than Megan Thee Stallion herself.

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