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'Elden Ring'
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You can ask just about any gamer and they'll tell you: There are some games that just weren't meant to be easy. Elden Ring comes from developer FromSoftware, which is notorious for making titles that are challenging for even the most experienced players — though it's been said it's not as difficult as its predecessors.

Where does 'Elden Ring' take place?

Elden Ring isn't tied to any of the Dark Souls titles that FromSoftware has put out — even if it does have similar mechanics and the familiar feel of a Souls game. In this new title, players will take on the role of the Tarnished as they explore the Lands Between in search of the Elden Ring. Tarnished have been exiled from the Lands Between and its six regions (each ruled by a different demigod), and your job is to search for the ring's fragments to become an Elden Lord, ending your long exile.

Famed fantasy writer George R.R. Martin (yes, of Game of Thrones) helped build this world specifically for the game, having multiple conversations with creator Hidetaka Miyazaki to help build the title's mythos.

Does 'Elden Ring' have multiple endings?

Completionists will find themselves pouring hours into this game, especially because it boasts six different endings. Each of these endings has different requirements to unlock them, meaning you'll have to play the game through six separate times if you want to see them all.

What platforms is 'Elden Ring' available on?

As of its release, you can get Elden Ring for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. While the game is available on the previous-generation consoles many still have (since the new-generation consoles are still hard to come by), it's important to note that players have reported the game doesn't run as well on the older models. While you can play this on your PS4 or Xbox One, it may be best to wait to dive in until you upgrade your system — especially if a game's graphics are important to you.

How much does 'Elden Ring' cost?

Unlike some of the other games that have been released for the current-generation consoles, which have boasted higher prices, Elden Ring is only $59.99.

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