Yes, You Can Seek Vengeance on the Grafted Scion From 'Elden Ring's' Opening

Players face off against the Grafted Scion in the opening scenes of 'Elden Ring,' but is the tough enemy actually beatable? More on the spider boss.

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 13 2022, Published 4:49 p.m. ET

After you create your character and go through the opening cutscene in Elden Ring, your first few moments of gameplay are calm and easy.

That is, until they aren't.

In true FromSoftware fashion, within your first 10 minutes of exploring the Lands Between, you're dropped into an incredibly difficult boss battle. With only your starting weapons and beginner leveling, you'll face off against the massive Grafted Scion.

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Likely, you were felled within minutes of encountering this foe, triggering the next cutscene that lets you begin the game. But while it's clear most of those who encounter the Grafted Scion aren't meant to defeat it, is there still a way to take it down?

The "Enemy Felled" screen after defeating the Grafted Scion
Source: FromSoftware; Twitter/@GarbohFoe

The "Enemy Felled" screen after defeating the Grafted Scion.

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Is the Grafted Scion beatable in 'Elden Ring'?

While you're not meant to defeat the spider-like boss that greets you early on in the game, if you time your attacks correctly and are careful with your maneuvers, you can actually defeat it. It's not a common achievement in the game, and anyone who has managed to get to the boss's second phase knows that it's ready to pack a powerful punch against anyone it comes across.

But if you're a pro at parrying and dodging attacks, you can definitely defeat this boss.

That being said, there really is no point in defeating the Grafted Scion, as its reward isn't significant enough to justify the labor of defeating it. Players receive a Greatshield and a set of Straight Swords, both of which your character likely won't be able to use until you level up. Also, the only way to progress the game past its opening world is to pass out, as that's what triggers the next cutscene.

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Even if you do manage to defeat the opening spider boss, you'll still lose the runes you collect once you die. Truly, it may not be worth the energy to complete in the game's first few moments — though that doesn't mean you can't still defeat this enemy if you're a completionist.

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Can you challenge the spider boss later in the game?

If you're a completionist who is looking to defeat all of the bosses scattered throughout the Lands Between, then you may want to return to this foe for a rematch. Thankfully, there is a way to challenge it later in the game — when you're more appropriately leveled and can then use the runes obtained on items in the game.

To do this, you'll want to navigate to Western Liurnia and find the area dubbed the Four Belfries. This is located on the coast of Raya Lucaria Academy.

When you arrive there, you'll find three portals with cryptic descriptions under them, though if you want to go through any of them you'll want to have an Imbued Sword Key. While there are only three across the whole map, you can find one in a chest on top of the tallest Belfry.

Once you grab that, go to the portal that reads "Precipice of Anticipation" to be transported back to the Chapel of Anticipation where you can, once again, face off against the Grafted Scion.

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