There Are 10 Different Sacred Tears in 'Elden Ring' — Here's Where to Find Them

Sara Belcher - Author

May 5 2022, Published 10:13 p.m. ET

'Elden Ring'
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There are a variety of items that you can find to help you on your playthrough of Elden Ring. Even though the game is incredibly difficult, as you find more ways to upgrade your character and your abilities, you'll find that you're able to take down even some of the toughest bosses easier.

One of the items that will help you on your journey is the Sacred Tear. Here's where to find all of the Sacred Tears in the game (and what they're used for).

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What is a Sacred Tear? Why this item is important in 'Elden Ring.'

While this item may be scarce in the game, it's one you'll want to take the time to find, as it can be incredibly important before going up against a big boss. Sacred Tears are used at sites of grace to enhance your Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears, allowing them to grant you more FP or HP. The more Sacred Tears you've used to upgrade your flasks, the more points will be reloaded into your HP or FP counter at once.

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Unfortunately, because they're consumable items, each Sacred Tear can only be used once. Each area only has a limited number of Sacred Tears for you to find, so you won't be able to upgrade your flasks multiple times during your playthrough. In total, there are 10 different Sacred Tears around the map, but the further into the game you get, the more scarce they become.

There are certain locations for all of the Sacred Tears in 'Elden Ring.'

For the most part, you'll find Sacred Tears at various churches that are located throughout the map, though not every church has a Sacred Tear hidden in it. Even if you haven't leveled up a lot in your current playthrough, part of the fun of Elden Ring is exploration, and you can find some of these while engaging in minimal combat.

Here's a breakdown of all of the locations you can find a Sacred Tear:

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AreaLocation of the Sacred Tear
Weeping PenninsulaIn the Callu Baptismal Church
Weeping PenninsulaIn the Fourth Church of Marika
Northern point of the WeelIn the Church of Pilgrimage
The Mistwood in LimgraveIn the Third Church of Marika
Liurnia of the LakesIn the Church of Irith
North side of the Liurnia of the LakesIn the Bellum Church
Liurnia of the LakesIn the Church of Inhibition
Atlas PlateauIn the Second Church of Marika
Atlas PlateauIn the Stormcaller Church
Eastern CaelidIn the Church of the Plague

There are, of course, other items, like Golden Seeds and Crystal Tears that are located around the map that will help you upgrade your flasks. Golden Seeds allow you to add one more flask to your total number of Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears, while some Crystal Tears will restore either your FP or HP.

If you've managed to find all of the Sacred Tears around the map, consider hunting down the Golden Seeds or Crystal Tears next to give you more upgrades for your flasks.

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