The Fire Giant Is a Legendary Boss Fight in 'Elden Ring' — Here Are Some Tips on How to Beat It

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jun. 6 2022, Published 3:38 p.m. ET

If you've ever played a game by Hidetaka Miyazaki, then you know that Elden Ring is full of difficult enemies and unrelenting boss battles. The wildly popular title was released in February 2022 and continues the "Soulsborne" genre tradition of open-world exploration and battles that require quick reflexes and a fair amount of luck. Don't be surprised if you end up getting stuck on a boss or two, especially bosses that are required to advance the story. Case in point, the Fire Giant.

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This colossal enemy is not only a difficult battle in its own right, but you'll need to defeat him in order to progress toward the end of the main narrative. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks on how to beat the giant for anyone having trouble with the encounter. Here's what you'll need to know in order to beat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring.

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Here's how to beat the Fire Giant in 'Elden Ring.'

In Elden Ring, players assume the role of one of the Tarnished, a faction of people banished from the Lands Between after the titular Elden Ring was shattered. Upon returning to the realm, the Tarnished must face off against demigods corrupted by shards of the Ring. Their ultimate goal is to restore the Elden Ring to its former glory and become the new Elden Lord.

This is no easy task, as the Lands Between is teeming with monsters, giants, and other horrors that stand in your way.

One of them is the boss enemy known as the Fire Giant. According to the in-game lore, the Fire Giant is the last known survivor of the War against the Giants. The Fire Giant is a mandatory boss battle. Players will have to defeat this enemy in order to reach the Forge of the Giants and advance the story. As such, outlets like GamesRadar have tips and tricks you can use to craft your own strategy to fell this beast.

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For starters, the recommended player level for the battle is 110. Weapons will also have to be +18 or higher. You'll also want to equip weapons and spells to maximize Slashing damage as much as possible. Make sure your armor is primed to resist Fire and Strike damage. It'll also be helpful to have Torrent at the ready for quicker mobility to evade attacks. As for the boss itself, the Fire Giant has two phases to watch out for.

In the first phase, the Giant will use a shield to create impacts that can destroy you from a distance. Your main goal will be to close the gap between you and the Fire Giant while avoiding its attacks. Once you reach the area between his feet, you'll want to attack the unprotected foot. At a certain point, the Giant will start using more fire-based attacks. One travels slowly and can be dodged with timing. Another comes quickly when it raises a hand to shoot, so be ready for last-second dodges.

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The second phase is much more dangerous. After losing a leg, the Fire Giant is less mobile. But in exchange, his attacks are wider and hit harder. It will have a new weak point on its left arm, but try aiming for its hindquarters to avoid its more deadly attacks. Aside from his usual swipes and lunges, the Giant will also attack you with ground explosions and a rain of fire. If the Giant presses its palms to the ground, it will erupt in certain areas that you can see and avoid in time.

If it begins leaning back, fire will begin to rain around it. Try maneuvering underneath the Giant in order to shield yourself from the rain and even sneak in some more hits.

Once you defeat it, you'll be awarded safe passage into the Forge of the Giants.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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