Here's Exactly How to Get to the Rold Route in 'Elden Ring'

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Apr. 27 2023, Published 3:42 p.m. ET

'Elden Ring' Player riding Torrent to leap above a cliff.
Source: FromSoftware

Over hours of playtime, players will slowly advance across the interconnected world map of The Lands Between in Elden Ring, chopping down dangerous creatures and meeting peculiar NPCs. Off the beaten path and down dirt roads also rest new weapons with unique attack skills or powerful Incantations to fit a magic-based character build.

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Exploring is the bulk of a player's journey in the action RPG game, especially when discovering more obscured trails like the Rold Route to unlock new areas. The thing is, it can be tricky to find.

Here's an explanation of how to reach the Rold Route if you're having trouble.

'Elden Ring' Player sneaking in tall grass with a group of enemies nearby at night.
Source: FromSoftware
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How to get to the Rold Route in 'Elden Ring' explained:

As long as players know where the start point of the Rold Route begins, it won't be hard to find it again through multiple playthroughs.

To get to the Rold Route in Elden Ring, you must first defeat Morgott, the Omen King. He's a mandatory boss found later in the Leyndall capital city, following another boss fight with Golden Spectre of Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.

Before you battle Morgott, we recommend activating the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace near the center of Leyndall. It will be great for getting to the Rold Route after the boss fight.

Upon defeating Morgott, continue the main questline by trying to enter the Erdtree to trigger an event with Melina, who eventually gives you the Grand Lift Rold's medallion. Opening the world map with the medallion in your character's hand will reveal a bright red marker showing the location of the Rold Route.

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Shot of a massive dragon statue near the center of Leyndell in 'Elden Ring.'
Source: FromSoftware

Unfortunately, the single marker doesn't explain where the Rold Route starts. From here, return to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace to head up the main street of Leyndall and turn left.

Keep going down the main road, passing demihuman enemies, and proceed through large doors to climb a staircase. At the top, make another left to find an elevator you must ride. The elevator will take you to the Grand Lift of Rold, where you can use the Rold medallion to reach the Mountaintop of Giants.

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How to sprint in 'Elden Ring.'

Sprinting will be perfect for going down the Rold Route if you're not interested in fighting your way through.

On PlayStation controllers, hold down the Circle button to sprint or the B key for Xbox users. The standard input for the sprint on PC is Space Bar.

'Elden Ring' Player riding Torrent and fighting an enemy on a horse.
Source: FromSoftware

Tapping the sprint button for each platform will let players backstep or roll dodge depending on their character's directional movement. Whichever way you use it, be mindful of the stamina bar so that you don't find yourself in a sticky situation without a way to avoid damage.

Elden Ring is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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