Get Your Groove on and Try the “I’ll Be Missing You” TikTok Dance Challenge

We break down the "I'll Be Missing You" TikTok dance challenge set to the song of the same name by Faith Evans and P. Diddy. Let's dance!

Allison Hunt - Author

Aug. 28 2023, Published 8:41 p.m. ET

We don't know about you, but we are always here for a TikTok dance challenge. The hold that these had on us deep in COVID-19 quarantine was truly unmatched. "Renegade" anyone? "Savage"? "WAP"? Yep. We did all the TikTok dance challenges but they are currently private on our TikTok and you won't be able to find them so don't even try.

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But dance challenges weren't just to keep you preoccupied during lockdown, as they're still going strong. One of our recent favorites is the "Cruel Summer" dance challenge.

And now there's another one on the block: the "I'll Be Missing You" dance challenge. And this one is easy enough to have the whole family join in. We break it down below!

What is the “I’ll Be Missing You” TikTok dance challenge?

The "I'll Be Missing You" TikTok dance challenge is set to the 1997 song of the same name by P. Diddy, now known as Love or Brother Love, and Faith Evans. The challenge actually isn't new: people have been dancing to it since early 2022.

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The challenge is set to the chorus of the song:

Every step I take Every move I make Every single day Every time I pray I'll be missing you

This song is actually in remembrance of Notorious B.I.G.

One of the most watched versions of the challenge is by dance content creators The Quick Style, who have 3 million followers at the time of writing this piece. Their "I'll Be Missing You" challenge has 14.1 million views, with 1 million likes, and 3,044 comments.

As you can see from the video, the dance is a lot smoother and easier than a lot of other TikTok dance challenges. Not only are the moves simpler, but the style is just more laid back.

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Some of the comments on the video say, "Everyone is the main character," "freakin smooth," and "love the vibe from these guys." We definitely agree with all of these comments.

As we said, everyone of all ages is getting in on the action, with these kids absolutely slaying this dance. One commenter said, "These kids are the best! Such happiness and great dancers!"

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For those of you who need a tutorial, creator @_y0ungmin_ has one for us! To start you walk and bend your knee and tap your toe at the same time four times, then you bring one knee in four times, switch sides, and do it again. Afterward, you do a pony shuffle step from side to side.

And there you have it! You now know the "I'll Be Missing You" TikTok dance challenge and can film it and post it for all your followers. We may or may not have already recorded a version which is not searchable on the internet.

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