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Five Craziest 'Black Mirror' Episodes That Will Continue to Haunt You



Netflix's Black Mirror is a wild ride from start to finish. The series, which is like a modern-day Twilight Zone with endings to episodes that haunt you long after you've closed out of your Netflix tab, delve into the horror-story worthy nuances of advanced technology and human emotion.

With an ever-changing cast and a plotline that varies from episode to episode, every runtime gives you a whole new experience to follow from beginning to end.

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The flexible plotlines also mean viewers don't have to watch the episodes in order and can skip ones that don't suit their preferences.

But if you're looking for crazy, these are the craziest Black Mirror episodes out there. We'll leave "Bandersnatch" off the list, as that's a wild ride in and of itself, but these are the other episodes that have the most "WTF" moments of the series.

"The National Anthem," Season 1 Episode 1

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If you're looking for just a small taste of the crazy that is Black Mirror, it's best to start at the beginning. The first episode tackles what happens when the prime minister is blackmailed — but instead of the instigator wanting money or valuables, they want to see him plummet his public respect by having sex with a pig on live television.

It's an episode that will make you cringe and want to look away, while simultaneously keeping you enraptured. If you're looking for something that will stick for you, this episode is it.

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"Metalhead," Season 4, Episode 5

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If you're not OK with post-apocalyptic possibilities (especially with the state of the world right now), maybe skip this one. "Metalhead" follows a lone survivor as she tries to outrun the "dog," a lethal drone whose only job is to kill any human survivors.

It's an adventure between humans and machines as you watch this episode's main character run for her life — you'll be on the edge of your seat the whole time.

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"The Entire History of You," Season 1, Episode 3

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Another episode from the series' debut season, "The Entire History of You" reveals what would happen if you could actually record everything you see and replay it back to yourself later. Everyone in the episode has a chip installed, behind their ear, that records what they see to store it in an artificial "memory" bank they can access.

While this idea seems like a dream, it really delves into an over-analysing mental disaster, revealing insecurities, infidelity, and the hard reality of reminiscing on better times.

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“USS Callister," Season 4, Episode 1

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"USS Callister," or better known as "the Star Trek one," really goes all in on the science fiction aspect of the show. The episode plays with the idea of placing yourself into a video game and the eventual repercussions of it. The plot oscillates between the real-life characters and their in-game counterparts, turning the game's "hero" into the IRL "villain," and is one of the few to have a less-than-appalling ending.

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"San Junipero," Season 3, Episode 4

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This episode is arguably one of the best of the entire series, centered on the want to live with your loved ones in an "afterlife" forever. "San Junipero" will tug at your emotions while also making you question the ethics behind wanting to die to live in a simulated afterlife.

Yorkie and Kelly add individual arguments to the conversation, leaving you thinking of their love story long after the show's 60-minute run time.

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