12 People Share the Most Unbelievable Ways They Caught Their Cheating Partners

Kelly Corbett - Author

Sep. 15 2023, Published 12:47 p.m. ET

A woman reaching to check her partner's phone while he's asleep
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You know what's never a good idea? Cheating.

As the saying goes, "Cheaters never win and winners never cheat." It may feel right in the moment, but more often than not it's going to come back to bite you later.

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Twitter user @troneze recently tweeted a question that struck a chord with many people. He wrote, "What’s the craziest way you found out someone was cheating on you?"

The responses were eye-opening and hilarious. They provided a glimpse into the many different ways that people can be unfaithful. Shall we take a look?

He sent an "I love you" text meant for his side piece ... to his wife.

Twitter user @JS_inCo claimed her husband accidentally texted her "I love you" instead of his girlfriend. While I'm sure we've all sent a text to the wrong person, it usually doesn't end up exposing an extramarital affair. Yikes!

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An unknown phone number kept calling her man. She had to find out who it was.

Twitter user @taykendollaz claimed a random number kept calling her man as he was trying to show her a video on his phone. Eventually, she memorized the number.

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote: "I called the number and explained who I was and I asked her who was she and why was she calling his phone? Man she told me that she loved him and they had been sleeping together, in my apartment, she described my apartment to the T! She was crying on the phone it was bad."

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@taykendollaz continued: "I couldn’t even listen to what she was saying after she said she had been in my home I hung up the phone. She called me back and was like 'He said we were gonna get a place together, and that he loves me.'"

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Friends talk.

Twitter user @RepubsREvil said they were confiding to a good friend about issues they were having with their partner. Coincidentally, the friend actually had a date with @RepubsREvil's partner.

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Sisters talk too.

Twitter user @lips_lying said her man was helping her sister paint her living room, but left because he had plans with his "girl."

@Lips_lying's sister called her to ask about these plans but she knew nothing about it.

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote: "Apparently as soon as he said it he froze and looked at her to see if she caught what he said she pretended like she didn’t hear. Never did go back to help her paint the rest tho."

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Caught right in the act.

Twitter user @kitabryant surprised her boyfriend at his apartment on Valentine's Day only to find him underneath another woman. His roomate let her in.

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His side piece made a surprise visit.

Twitter user @QueenEllaree1 claimed that her husband's sidepiece ambushed them in a hotel room. In a follow-up tweet, she wrote: "We were in bed she came through the glass and attacked him then swung on me mortal combat until cops arrived."

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It's hard to lie to your man when you're pregnant with someone else's baby.

Twitter user @MacN_Jay said he was working overnight desk duty at the beginning of his Army career and members of his unit had caught his girl with another guy. She denied it until her baby bump showed.

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If it's on Instagram, a woman will find it.

Twitter user @ohmydepravity said her man kept going out of town allegedly for work. It turns out "work" was just a code word for his ex-girlfriend. @ohmydepravity found this woman's Instagram and saw she was posting pictures with her partner.

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When you find out he ordered flowers, but they aren't for you.

Twitter user @ChristineSc11 saw on her man's computer that he had ordered flowers. The only problem was, she didn't get any. With the help of his sister, @ChristineSc11 found photos of him with this other woman.

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The other woman left a message that she was giving birth to their baby.

Twitter user @Shellzonit discovered her man was cheating on her after listening to a message on his answering machine from another woman saying she was giving birth to their baby.

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Now that's a good neighbor!

Twitter user @AmicaAli said her neighbor called her and told her to come home for lunch that day. When @AmicaAli got home, she found her husband with another woman.

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