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Source: Nextdoor

13 Nightmare Neighbors on the Nextdoor App


Every neighborhood has its weirdos: those houses that make you speed up as you walk past, or the excitable old grump you go out of your way to avoid. Honestly, if you can't pinpoint "that one guy" in your 'hood, chances are good it's you.

Thanks to the Nextdoor app, it's easier than ever to identify the nightmare residents on your block. Here are a few of the weirdos in your neighborhood who have clearly more time than sense.

1. Soup fetishist

Source: Twitter

Unlike this poster, I am a big fan of soup. However, I'm not sure how keen I'd be on accepting strange soup left on my doorstep — especially when accompanied with a note like this. "Soup for my perfect little soup boy"? How about a restraining order for your perfectly creeped out neighbor?