Eerie Things Kids Have Said That Gave Their Parents the Creeps



They say that kids are more in tune with the "spirit world" than adults are, and this thread seems to confirm that. There's nothing creepier than a creepy kid saying creepy things, and I have to believe it's even spookier when it's your own kid. 

One dad shared a spine-tingling exchange he had with his 9-year-old, and this prompted lots of other parents to share the scariest things their kids have said to them. Get ready to get the heebie-jeebies.

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The Lullaby Lady has already infiltrated my nightmares. I just know it. I'm just picturing a woman with skeleton hands and her eyes stitched close (don't ask me why!!) standing next to me, rocking and humming. And now I will never sleep again.

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The thing is, little kids have probably never seen a pinstriped suit before. That's not a common image in kids' entertainment. So if this little kid is seeing a man in a pinstriped suit hovering in the corner, he's probably there.

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Its other wings. Its other wings!! What kind of terrifying otherworldly bat creature is this? I really thought this story was going to be cute and normal, but nope. It's a full-on monster tale.

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Well, folks, you heard it here first; the moon is a snitch. She's been following you and watching you for your whole life, and she will spill all your dirty secrets to your 6-year-old. So think about that the next time you think you're picking your nose in private.

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Imagine thinking that the evil ghost your child has been playing with has been a harmless imaginary friend this whole time. I don't know about you, but I would only let my kid play with a ghost if the ghost didn't want to burn all the toys.

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I hate this! First, having a canopy bed with curtains around it seems like a good idea, but it actually reminds me of The Others and is very creepy. Second, if you're only using those curtains to block the old lady ghost who stands next to your bed and watches you, you've got problems.

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OK hear me out. This story is kind of sweet? Like, sure, it's a little disturbing that the ghost of her grandma is crying in her car, but maybe she's just sad that she can't be with her granddaughter anymore. 

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I swear, kids have knowledge of past lives. They are so in tune with the world beyond the veil. I for one do not want a small child to look into my eyes and tell me that I was dead once, but that's the risk you take when you have kids of your own.

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I love this story. Sure, she was definitely interacting with the ghost of her dead grandfather. But she wasn't scared of him, and he was making her laugh! I like nice ghosts!

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On the other hand, this is when you need to throw the whole house out. Not only did he definitely see a ghost, but he also knew that it was the ghost of his great-grandmother, who he probably has either never met or only met a couple of times. 

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Another imaginary friend who was definitely actually a ghost. Let this be a PSA for parents everywhere. Your kid's pretend friend might really be the spirit of a poor girl who died in a tragic fire.

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Not, "Is there a man in my closet?" or "Can you check to make sure there's no man in my closet?" She asked, "Who is the man in my closet?" which means she has already accepted the fact that there is a man in her closet and she just wants to know his name. Terrifying.

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These are some very specific details that make me think there's no way a kid could have come up with it out of thin air. At 3 years old, this kid was talking about "a man with bleeding eyes." That's spooky!

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Um, this gets a big "NO!" from me! This reminds me of the times when my dog stands completely still and glares at a corner for an extended period of time. He does it pretty often, and I'm always convinced he's looking at a ghost.

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Mr. Nobody is terrifying. Was this kid really friends with the creepy man with chicken skin for hair, or was he too scared to say no to the ghost that was following him around? 

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All of his kids saw the Blood Man?! That must mean it's a real ghost. It's three against one. What are you going to do, not believe the children? They know what they saw.

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They were watching over her! How cute is that? I'll take protective ghost grandparents over a real creepy couple standing outside my daughter's window any day of the week.

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I assume he meant to say that the man had one eye. People in movies often ask kids to draw the scary things they see, but they rarely take them seriously. Of course, the kid is always right. 

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Stop. Asking. Kids. To. Draw. Pictures. Of. The. Monsters. They. See. All it will do is scare the crap out of you and everyone in your household. The horned lady will come for you once you believe in her. Don't you know by now that that's how these things work?!

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Some of these stories are extremely creepy because it's clear that these little kids are being haunted by malevolent spirits. But I am 100 percent here for little kids who are getting in touch with their dead grandparents and having conversations, laughing, and learning about each other. That's the heartwarming side to all of this. 

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"Does he sit on your bed, dad? Because he totally does. He sits on your bed all the time. I see him. He's there right now. He's holding a knife. And he's staring at you. Hi Grandpa!"

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Welp, this toddler was definitely the reincarnation of a poor abused child who has burned by their father. The fact that they seemed to say these words while in a trance that they had to "snap" out of makes it extra creepy too!

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