These Kids' Memories of Their Past Lives Will Creep You Right Out


Oct. 24 2018, Updated 1:23 p.m. ET

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I've compiled my fair share of scary stories in the past, but these children's accounts of the Big Before are downright freaking me out. 

I'm not sure what's creepier: the specificity of their past recollections or the fact that all these kids are the same age — about 3-5, just old enough to communicate properly with adults, but young enough for the memories of their past lives to still be intact.

If you're in the mood to have your mind blown, read about these 19 young children who essentially told their parents they'd been reincarnated. I've never believed in the afterlife before, but boy, I do now.

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1. "That's how I died, isn't it?"

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He literally told me. He was 3 and pretending to run over his Lego men. When asked to stop he said,
"That's how I died, isn't it?"
"No, you've never died."
"Yes I have! When I was 2 last time. The car hit me, my other mummy cried then I came to you."
"... ... ..."
He's a teen now, doesn't remember a thing about it.

- NodgenodgeWinkwink

2. "I'm sorry I left you before, mommy."

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My friend had a miscarriage before she had her first daughter. A few years ago when her daughter was about 4, a group of us were at a party and her daughter was sitting on her lap and said something along the lines of "I'm sorry I left you before mommy. I was hurting really bad and I wasn't ready." 
My friend asked her was she meant and her daughter said she left her before she was born but came back. Super creepy. Daughter doesn't remember this conversation and still doesn't know about the miscarriage.

- workbidness

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3. But... how?

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At 9 months old, he ate his first Oreo by separating it, eating the cream, then eating the cookie. Nobody showed him how to do it but he knew.

- Italic_Reaper

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4. "Where's the inkwell?"

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My 3-year-old niece, in a hotel near her home "I've been here. I used to sit in this chair and knit." Wouldn't say anything else when pressed further.
Another time in an antiques shop, we looked at an old school desk with a flip-top lid when she, bemused, said "Where's the inkwell??" It just seemed strange that she'd expect there to be one.

- blinky84

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5. Canine pastlife.

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I've posted this before but: My daughter, right before she turned 5 was in our hall in the middle of the night, still asleep, whimpering and crying. I got her to come lay down with me and when I asked her what the dream was, she got very upset and said "it wasn't a dream I remembered." She told me she remembered when she was a bad dog, and they made her go to sleep.
I asked her about it again later and she got very upset, said she was a bad dog and started crying saying she didn't want to remember it again.
She has no idea what it means to put a dog down, let alone that it is what happens to "bad dogs."

- Leather_and_Lead

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6. "Except the house used to be white."

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I have a few, all the same kid.
First when my son was 3, he told me that he was once kidnapped and the police accidentally shot and killed him when they were trying to rescue him.
When he turned 5 he told me he had never made it this far.
Also when he was 5, we drove past my grandparents' old house, they have been gone 16 and 18 years now. He told me, "I used to play in that house with Pappy (my dad) when I was little, except the house used to be white."
The house did indeed used to be white and it had been painted an ugly gray. My dad also had nine siblings, three of which died in infancy.

- 4theloveoffiber

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7. "I'm right here, mommy."

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It was in the early afternoon of Halloween. This is a rough time of year for me, because my first child was stillborn near this day. I was sitting in a chair in the den, my husband was at the desk on the opposite side of the room. 
My 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter was moving around the room, not really doing anything. As always happens on this day, my thoughts turn to my stillborn daughter. 
Suddenly my daughter plops a book onto my lap. (remember, she is 2, cant read yet.) (additional note, the walls of the room were pretty much wall to wall books) The book was given to me after the stillborn. 
It was a pagan book for grieving parents. Startled at the coincidence, I just kind of stared at the book. My daughter (TWO) flipped open the book, and pointed imperiously to a paragraph. I obeyed, and read the paragraph. It was talking about how a child who dies might reincarnate back into the same family, or somewhere nearby. So I wondered where my child might have reincarnated. My daughter patted my leg and said , "I'm wight heah, Mommy." Up until those words, nothing had been spoken out loud. It gives me chills every time I remember it.

- Perffiath

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8. "That's where I died, isn't it?"

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My family took everyone on a trip to see their old neighborhood. They drove by a house where, about 15 years earlier, a little girl was hit by a car and died. My cousin, who was about 4 at the time, never had been in the neighborhood, and never heard this tragic story, stopped what she was doing and said, "Oh, that's where I died, isn't it?" She then resumed playing with her dolls (or whatever it was she was doing).

- westsideHK

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9. "That sounded like my real mommy's voice!"

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My son went for over a year talking about his other mommy and daddy, with a completely straight and serious face. We have a blended family, so he has me (Mom) and at his father's house his Dad, Stepmom, and brother. He said he had two fake mommies and a fake daddy and then a set of real ones. When trying to get clarification thinking he was having trouble adapting to new family roles, he informed us that we were the fakes and that his real parents were much older, lived far away on a farm, with his older brother.
That story came up off and on, as well as weird side statements from him. We had him at the ER one time, in a private room, he hears voices outside which he normally wouldn't pay any mind to. He perked up, looked at the door, and goes, "That sounded like my real Mommy's voice!" He was very excited and animated about it (my kid is usually pretty deadpan, so that was off too). I decided to just ride it out, but admittedly it did freak me out at first. He hasn't done it in awhile.

- SerenityNeutraylis

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10. "I got these for you before I was born."

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Not a parent, but my mum told me this story:
When she was in law school, her mother (my grandmother) bought her a string of pearls. My mother continued to wear this same string of pearls long after graduation and long after my grandmother died.
My grandmother died two days after I was born, in the same hospital. She got the chance to hold me once (during which time my father swears she transferred her soul into me.)
One night when I was about 3 or 4, I crawled into my mother's lap. She was wearing her pearls and I reached up to touch them. I looked her dead in the eye and said, "I got these for you before I was born."
Then I went back to playing. My mum says she still gets goosebumps when she thinks about that story. I also inherited my grandmother's love of the Packers despite never having lived in Green Bay.

- SalemScout

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11. This girl AND her mother!

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So I am raised Roman Catholic. My son is raised Roman Catholic. But I was dating this Muslim guy who would play prayers constantly (that were on YouTube). This particular day my boyfriend was playing a prayer that's supposed to protect you from Jinn. My 3-year-old son looked up from his coloring book said clear as day "now they will be gone for 1,000 days" my boyfriend looked him dead in the eye and was like "how do you know that?" My son smiled shrugged and continued to color.
I don't know if this is true but my boyfriend explained that if you recited that specific prayer it was supposed to banish evil spirits for 1,000 days. To this day I still get chills when I think about it.
My mother was also super freaked cause I told her, "Daddy used to be my baby, but I drowned when he was my size." I was 4. My grandfather drowned when my dad was 4.

- foufinha

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12. "I want to go home."

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When my oldest son was 3, he used to wake up crying and saying that he wanted to "go home." Over and over he would repeat it. I would reassure him that everything was okay, he was at home. Happens for many months. 
We had a huge map of the world in the hallway and one night when he was upset, I took him to the map and showed him where we lived and asked, where his other home was. He pointed out a small town in Mexico. Day after day he pointed to the same exact place. 
So, we took him there. It was a beautiful little area and we had a great time. There was nothing profound in any of his reactions. When we got home he started sleeping through the night and never mentioned it again. We live in California and my husband and and I are both white. However, our son is adopted and although his bio father is technically "unknown," we were told it is probable that he was Hispanic.

- Germanpoetrygeek

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13. "I was your mom in heaven."

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My 3-year-old said, "I was your mom in heaven," Multiple times. When I was six weeks pregnant with her, my mom died unexpectedly the day she found out the secret that I was pregnant at 40 with what would be her last and 21st grandchild. We were going to surprise her on her 75th birthday, two weeks later, but a niece let the secret out.
When my girl was 4, we were looking through pictures boxes. I have no family pictures posted in my house. Later that night I realized my girl took three pictures of my mom and put then in her room. She's never seen pictures of my mom before. I asked her why she took those pictures and she said, "because I'm pretty."

- capnvontrappswhistle

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14. "This was my room."

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My cousin died from a stay bullet in '92. Nine months later his mom had another son and in a few years, they visited the house where they used to initially live when my murdered cousin was around. Kid walks in the house like he owns the place (had never been there before in his life) and was like, "Oh yea mom slept here, sis slept here, we used to play cards here and then he goes to the room where my deceased cousin slept. "And this was my room."

- sharkbait1999

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15. "I used to be a grown-up."

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My grandmother passed away about 10 years ago. We were very close and my whole life she always told me that she would be my guardian angel after she died.
When my daughter, now 5 was about 3 she had terrible night terrors and would have a hard time going to sleep. I would spend the evenings with her comforting her to help her get to sleep, reading books, talking to her, etc. One night we were talking about what do you want to be when you grow up. 
She kept telling me that she used to be a grown-up. After prying and asking what she meant, she told me that when she was a grown-up she used to be my grandma. She then told me a story about when I was young, I had an accident and was burned when helping her cook dinner. It's something that I never told her but did actually happen. It completely creeped me out at first, and she has never really mentioned anything else like that since.

- djhankb

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16. "I was there but I couldn't help you."

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My son was 3 at the time. We were at a ceramics place and I was taking a wheel throwing lesson when he [said] to this lady, "I saw you in the fire. Did it hurt when you got burned? I was there but I couldn't help you."
She turned white as a sheet and explained to me that when she was a young girl, her house caught fire and she was badly burned. She told me that used to tell her family that she followed a little boy, she'd never seen, out of her room and then out of the burning house.
She is sure that my son is her guardian angel, and that he was sent to tell her this as an older lady to make sure always remembers. We became pretty good friends until we moved away. My son is now 16 and doesn't remember much about this other than he has faint memories of her.

- Qlinkenstein

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17. "It's because I crashed last time, isn't it?"

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When my son was 3 years old my husband decided to take him on an airplane tour of our small city. They booked a tour in a small three seater-plane. Pilot and my husband in the front, and room for the little guy in the back. When they got out on the tarmac though, our son pushed past the pilot and climbed into the pilot's seat. 
When my husband told him he couldn't sit there because that was for the pilot, our boy got got very still and quietly said, "it's because I crashed last time, isn't it?" Then he started to cry and shake his head, and said (almost yelling apparently) "All those people died [because] of me!!!" And he climbed back down and started running back to the terminal in tears. My husband finally got him settled down by explaining that his legs were too short for his feet to reach the pedals, and not because he crashed 'last time.' So back they headed to the plane and got settled in. 
Sitting in the back, my boy asked if he could have a headset-which he received, with the mic switched off. The pilot didn't tell him the mic was off though, so the little guy started doing his checks and trying to talk to the tower. Needless to say, the pilot was a little freaked out by all this, so he never did ask our son about when he supposedly crashed a plane. 
Three years later, we all headed to an aviation museum, and our now 6-year old son started talking to one of the curators about a certain type of WWII British plane. I was a bit surprised because we didn't have any books about planes in our house and he'd never shown an interest in them before. Lucky for my son though, the aviation museum was in the process of restoring one of the very airplanes my son was asking about, and they offered to let us have a look even though it wasn't ready for display yet. Apparently, a private collector had "modernized" the plane some time in the 1970's or so, and they were in the process of restoring it to its original condition. 
My son started pointing several different items in the plane that he thought weren't right, had been replaced, etc. When we asked how he knew about this, he said he'd flown on of these a few times when he was big. He couldn't tell us much more except that he normally flew a different plane, and that he'd crashed it because he made a mistake. He also said that several innocent people died in the crash and that it 'wasn't their time to die yet.' He got very sad then and said he didn't want to talk about it anymore. When we asked about it again when he was in his teens he said he remembered the trip to the museum, but didn't remember being big before.

- Well-thenWhat

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18. "I'm sorry for leaving."

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When I was about 4 years old, I told my mother that I wanted to phone my mom. She didn't think anything of it. A few minutes later she hears me talking and comes in the next room to find me speaking to a woman. I somehow knew the phone number, and the woman's name. I told her I was sorry for leaving and that I missed her and loved her.
My mom took the phone and started apologizing saying it was just her son playing. The lady's son had died less than 10 years prior in an accident. And she was in shock and crying not knowing what to say.
I feel like crap thinking about it now because I must have really messed her world up when she was probably getting over the grieving. Really freaked my mom out too.

- WOKEbaby

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19. Found it.

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My mother told me a story once.
They took me, when I was 4, to the graveyard where my father's father was buried. I had never been there before. It's a bit outside Winnipeg, we had moved to the states, and as a family we just don't visit graves very much.
My dad and his two sisters walked off to find it, or get help from one of the people who maintained the grounds.
I was with my mom.
I wandered off like 4 year olds tend to do.
I went straight to my grandfather's grave. Not, "wandered around until someone noticed the grave was there." Not, "ran around and got brought to the grave when someone found me."
I bee-lined to it. Right to it. No stops, no hesitation, no nothing.
I mean, I couldn't read yet, beyond some of the cat in the hat.

- politicstroll43

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