Crystal Pepsi Is Back for a Limited Time — Here’s How to Score a Free Six Pack

Crystal Pepsi was Pepsi Co.'s first and last clear cola in the early '90s. It was discontinued; however, Pepsi is offering fans the chance to taste it.

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Jan. 5 2022, Published 4:18 p.m. ET

Crystal Pepsi
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Here's a bit of soda history for all my fellow soft drink fans. Pepsi Co., the iconic company behind the namesake cola and all those other yummy beverages like Sierra Mist, Gatorade, and Brisk, has had a few massive product fails since opening its doors in 1965. One of its biggest flops was its clear cola, which was named Crystal Pepsi.

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Created in 1992, Crystal Pepsi was marketed as a healthier and lightweight cola option due to its transparency and lack of color. Unfortunately, it wasn't very popular and was retired from store shelves in 1994.

Over the years, Pepsi has temporarily brought back this fizzy clear soda in limited quantities to drum up nostalgia amongst its customers. Now, to celebrate the failed flavor's 30th anniversary, Pepsi is giving away FREE Crystal Pepsi.

Keep scrolling to learn how you can get your hands on a six-pack of Crystal Pepsi!

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Crystal Pepsi
Source: Getty Images

Pepsi is giving away FREE Crystal Pepsi away on Twitter. Here's how to win.

Pepsi is giving away bottles of its ultra-rare Crystal Pepsi exclusively to Twitter users. Starting Jan. 4, 2022, Pepsi asks that users tweet any photo of themselves from the '90s, and include the hashtags #ShowUsYour90s and #PepsiSweepstakes, for a chance to win.

The contest closes on Jan. 6, 2022, at 9 a.m. Three hundred people will win a six-pack of Crystal Pepsi.

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Wait, but what does Crystal Pepsi even taste like? Is it good?

Full disclosure: While I am a '90s baby, I have never tasted Crystal Pepsi. Therefore, I will not be weighing in on this.

However, according to Snack History, the retired beverage tastes like a lighter and less sweet version of regular Pepsi. In fact, the ingredients in both are almost identical except that regular Pepsi has a caramel color and flavoring added to it.

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Furthermore, one lucky Pepsi drinker did a taste test of Crystal Pepsi and wrote about it on his blog Antifoodie. "It tastes way lighter than regular Pepsi does, and has that slight citrusy aftertaste that you would get from one of those clear lemon-lime pops," he wrote. He also wrote, "it definitely tasted like someone poured a little bit of Sierra Mist into a Pepsi, or maybe poured a little Pepsi into a Sierra Mist."

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But while many folks seem to detest the beverage, there are some proud Crystal Pepsi stans out there.

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So, where can I buy Crystal Pepsi?

Unfortunately, Crystal Pepsi is no longer sold in stores. While Pepsi will be giving out bottles during this sweepstakes, there are no plans in place for it to return to the market.

However, if you're really itching to try some, there are plenty for sale on eBay upwards of $6 a bottle. Although, do beware as many bottles are way past their expiration date.

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