Dad Has Heartwarming Answer to Daughter's Question About Whether He "Loved His Grandchildren More"

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

May 24 2023, Published 1:46 p.m. ET

Most young adults can only imagine what it would be like to become grandparents at this point in time. Though movies and TV might satirize the idea, it can be a life-affirming turn in a person's life when the children they have suddenly grow up to have kids of their very own. It's an auspicious occasion for many and can truly change the dynamic you have with your parents in a variety of ways. With new kids in the family, emotions are bound to fly in exciting ways.

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For people who grew up with grandparents, they may have been doted upon by the elders in the family as a new presence with entire lives and limitless potential ahead of them. It can be enough for the new parents, otherwise known as the kids of those grandparents, to question how differently they treat the grandchildren when it comes to their own childhood.

However, when one dad was asked by his adult daughter whether or not he loved his grandchildren more than her, he had a perfect response.

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Here's what one dad told his daughter about who he loved more between her and his grandchildren.

This heartwarming story comes from Torrie aka @finding_torrie on TikTok. Torrie has been documenting her experience as a mother to her baby daughter on her TikTok, which has over 47.5 thousand followers and 7.6 million likes across her posts as of this writing. She typically shares life updates about motherhood and isn't shy about discussing her history with toxic relationships as well as the ups and downs of her pregnancy and subsequent childbirth.

She's far from alone in her motherhood, thankfully, as she is open about her parenting with her parents. In fact, she celebrated Mother's Day 2023 with them with a "Mother's Day brunch."

In a TikTok recorded after the fact and posted on May 15, Torrie shares the incredible bonding experience she had with her parents.

According to her, she asked her parents if they love their grandkids more than they love their kids. Her dad's response surprised her in the best way possible.

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As Torrie recalls, "he said not more, but different."

"He said 'when I look at your daughter, I don't see her the way you see her,'" she remembers. Torrie continues, "[He said] 'I see her as a whole person.'"

When she pressed him for more, he reportedly said that he's "seen firsthand [his daughter] go from a baby to a woman" and that he's "known all of the [versions of Torrie] in between."

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When he looks at Torrie's daughter, he claims that he sees "not only this beautiful baby, but he sees and loves everything she ever is and will be" because he's already seen that potential in Torrie.

In other words, Torrie's dad grew up with her and has attained a love for his daughter that has grown and changed along with Torrie as a person and still remains strong. When it comes to Torrie's daughter, his granddaughter, he has a newfound love with the same boundless potential for growth.

Moved by her father's words, Torrie ended her TikTok by urging other folks to "ask your parents questions. [because] their answers might be really healing."

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