A Dad on TikTok Was Mad That His Son's Teacher Wouldn't Let Him Paint His Nails — This Was the Dad's Response

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Feb. 7 2023, Published 1:04 p.m. ET

Anyone who's been through the American school system will be well aware of the ridiculous dress code double standard to which students are often subject. For students who identify as male, they can essentially wear whatever they want as long as they don't attend class naked.

When it comes to students who identify as female, they are usually forbidden from wearing any amount of clothing that may be considered "suggestive." It's an old and sexist tactic used to police female autonomy for men's sake.

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While these gendered notions of school-sanctioned clothing are problematic on their own, it can be just as abrasive for individual teachers to impose that dichotomy on their own students.

In this particular incident on TikTok, a dad became upset after his son said that his teacher supposedly told him not to get his nails painted.

The dad responded swiftly and captured the event on TikTok. Check out what this father did to support his son.

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A dad on TikTok became mad when his son's teacher told him not to get his nails painted.

In a recent video posted in February 2023, TikToker and math teacher Christian Shearhod (known as @mr.shearhod on TikTok) spoke about an incident that his young son supposedly went through at school.

Reportedly, his son's teacher told the boy that he shouldn't get his nails painted because, according to the teacher, getting your nails painted is only for girls.

As stated in his video, Christian became "really upset" at this news. His immediate response? Taking his son to the nail shop.

Christian recorded footage of him and his wife taking their son out to a local nail salon to get his nails done. The son picked out a dark pink shade to get both his fingers and toes painted. His mother even got the same color for her nails as well.

Christian ended the TikTok by declaring "let little boys like what they like. Trucks, Spider-Man, Paw Patrol, and maybe painting his nails."

Many in the comments praise the parents' supportive nature in letting their son get his nails painted.

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Christian hopes his video inspires parents and teachers to foster creativity in kids.

Distracitfy reached out to Christian, who revealed that this was the first time he ever had an issue with his son's school and that he made the video to "support in my son's interests, not to bash or complain."

"I was inspired to share our story, in hopes that it would resonate with parents going through something similar (plus he's freakin' cute). Being a teacher myself I was a little disappointed to hear that Ashton's teacher told him he shouldn't paint his nails because it's 'just for girls,'" he told Distractify. "I believe parents and teachers should always try to facilitate and foster creativity, especially in young kids."

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Christian followed up with another TikTok, and revealed that he spoke to one of his son's "cool" teachers, stating that getting their nails done as a family is something that the son has "always enjoyed" and that he doesn't want any of his teachers discouraging that in his life.

"I've just taught him to express himself freely. He likes what he likes and it happens to range far and wide," Christian said of his son's interests. "Ashton is really young, 3 years old, and he has tons of time to learn about gender norms, and as he does he can choose to accept and defy them as he sees fit. People, and children especially should feel free to enjoy the world to the fullest."

It's always heartwarming to see parents supporting their children to be their true and authentic selves.

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