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Dad Reports Suspicious Man at His Son's School, Then Realizes His Mistake


A father made a startling discovery when he thought he was being proactive about his son's safety.

When you become a parent, your world immediately becomes all about your children. There isn't a single thing you wouldn't do to protect them, and every single slight, or perceived attack becomes magnified in your mind and you can't help but take it seriously.

I've got two kids myself and I feel like I've got a bit of "dad-sense" ever since they were born. Although it's not as epic as some of the dad reflexes that are on display here, I have become more vigilant and protective of my loved ones with every year. Sometimes, it gets pretty bad, like if I see a kid running in my son's general direction in the park, I feel my ears perk up and I have the sudden urge to jump in front of my child and punt whoever's coming at him. I never do, but evolution is a weird beast for sure.

An instinct I would act on, without hesitation, is unleashing the ever-loving fury of every swarthy, working-class Eastern European in my family on a pervert creeping on my children. So I totally understand why this dad got so out of sorts when his twin 7-year-old boys told him about a creepy dude who kept staring at them from a van outside of their school.

He immediately called the school to let them know about the weirdo.