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Source: instagram

Guy Encounters Giant Huntsman Spider in Work Bathroom and It's a Living Nightmare


There are few situations more vulnerable than when you're sitting down on the toilet, going about your business.

Even with the advent of smartphones and mindless Instagram/Reddit scrolling during said porcelain throne-activities, it's easy to imagine someone or something is creeping on you in the bathroom.

And when it comes to being surprised by something during personal toilet time, it doesn't get worse than being surprised by a spider. Heck, being in any type of confined space with an arachnid is probably on the top of everyone's nightmare list. Adding the whole element of dropping a deuce just intensifies the horror.

This guy's story of his own 8-legged encounter while in the bathroom combines all the elements of scary/embarrassing freak outs. Not only did it happen at work, but the spider was in the toilet and tickled parts of his body no person would ever want tickled by wildlife. Unless, you know, you're into that sort of thing. And if you are I'm totally judging you because, eww. Gross.