TikTokers Are Using This Filter to Demonstrate How Much They Look Like Their Dads

The Dad Similarity Test allows a TikToker to assess how much they look like their old man. How does Zac Efron come into the picture? Read on to find out.

Leila Kozma - Author

Jun. 29 2021, Published 11:54 a.m. ET

A son and dad duo
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A new TikTok trend calls on social media users to do a refresher on their knowledge of genetics and work out how closely they resemble their dads. The Dad Similarity Test encourages a user to upload two photos to learn more about how much their features match that of their old man's. Some TikTokers took the Dad Similarity Test seriously, only using photos of themselves and their dads. Others went for the creative route.

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The Dad Similarity Test calls on TikTokers to work out how closely they resemble their fathers.

Arguably, the Dad Similarity Test went viral thanks to its simple formula and distinct aesthetic. After a countdown, the filter gives social media users a percentile score of how much they resemble the person depicted in the second photo. Some have taken to exploiting its shortcomings, however, using the filter to demonstrate how similar they look to people decidedly not their dads.

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TikTok users like @seejaluprety and @harlleytt appear to have gone down the old-fashioned route, using the the Dad Similarity Test to honor their fathers. Others saw it as an opportunity to think outside the box.

A user named @iamashtastic created a short clip using the Dad Similarity Test to pay homage to a young and fresh-faced Zac Efron.

Meanwhile, @barbaraa.jpg gave the Dad Similarity Test a try to assess whether she looks anything like Loki lead actor Tom Hiddleston. Another TikTok user named @bloodorangepeel used the Dad Similarity Test to emphasize how much her features resemble that of Finn Wolfhard and Johnny Depp.

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Some TikTok users were willing to go the extra mile to draw more attention to the shortcomings of the filter. Take @frozenworm, who used a photo of a cat as a reference point — only to get 100 percent as the test result.

"If I see one more person saying the filter says they look just like their fave celeb," she captioned the short clip posted on June 28, 2021.

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But some were less happy about the emergence of the Dad Similarity Test.

"I mean my dad left but TikTok why did you have to attack me with this trend," a TikTok user named @adjkeys123 captioned her post. Unlike most TikTokers, she did not include a second photo.

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Here's how you can partake in the Dad Similarity Test.

Partaking in the trend is supremely simple.

You will need to select "Discover" in the TikTok app before typing "Dad Similarity Test" in the search bar. Click on the relevant option under the "Effects" heading. Next, you will want to snap a photo of yourself before uploading a second picture of your dad, other family members, actors or celebs, pets, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

The test will give you an evaluation, with a percentile score showing how much you resemble whatever is depicted in the second photo. Most TikTokers received a 70 percent rating or above — so don't sweat too much about accuracy either way.

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