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TikTok for iPad Update Has Users Thinking Their App Is Crashing or Broken


Jun. 26 2021, Published 10:21 a.m. ET

If you're like me, then you obsess over making sure that your device is always up to date. I'm talking the latest version of an operating system's software, the most updated version of applications, clearing data caches and redundant files, the whole nine yards. But sometimes updates can leave your device working in unfamiliar ways, which may be why so many TikTok users are asking: "Why is my TikTok sideways on my iPad?"

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Why is my TikTok sideways on my iPad?

If you've updated your iOS tablet and began wondering just why in the world your TikTok videos are appearing in a different orientation on the device, you're not alone. Tons of users are experiencing the same problem and they all want to know if it's a bug that needs to be resolved, a sporadic glitch, or a new feature that everyone seems to hate.

why is my tiktok sideways ono my ipad
Source: Twitter
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Well you can rest assured, neither your iPad or your TikTok application is malfunctioning; it's a direct result of the latest update that allows for TikTok to work in landscape mode.

"But I'm not holding my TikTok in landscape mode, so why the heck is it showing up that way?!" you may be currently shouting to the heavens.

The iPad's always offered an "orientation lock" for users who don't want to have to worry about their tablet automatically switching between landscape and portrait mode just because they moved the device or spilled their iced coffee and need to rescue their pricey piece of tech, without interrupting reruns of The Office, of course.

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Using a tablet in landscape mode is a better practice than constantly holding it upright like a smaller cell phone (more even weight distribution in your hands for prolonged usage sessions). Let's say you're a die-hard portrait mode devotee and are wondering: "Who the heck uses their iPad in landscape? What kind of reprobate gets their rocks off doing that?!"

Well, then you'd be in the minority.

Source: Twitter
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Apparently 59.8 percent of iPad users enjoy using the "magical" device in landscape, with 41.2 percent rocking portrait most of the time, according to Engadget.

However, that hasn't stopped a slew of TikTok users from being befuddled over the "strange" new orientation that they were presented with after upgrading.

Source: Twitter
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Source: Twitter

It's hard to blame them, after all, they're used to using the application primarily in portrait mode. It does seem strange that such a wildly popular application took so long to receive landscape support on the iPad, especially when the metrics for landscape vs. portrait usage is readily available on the web.

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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

What do you think of the newest update? Is it going to dissuade you from creating more mirthless dance videos to whatever song is trending on the platform? Or does it make it easier for you to zombie scroll through 11-second video clips and vague, quasi-jokes featuring a bunch of people who are clearly full of themselves?

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