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Source: facebook

Adorable Dad and Baby From Viral Video Get Cast in Denny's Commercial


DJ and Kingston Jierre Pryor took over the internet's collective hearts when a video of the father-son duo blew up online and left everyone staggered with the amount of cuteness that they just witnessed.

The video, posted by DJ's wife, Shanieke, shows the father and son chilling out on the couch and watching some TV. DJ poses a series of questions to Kingston and it looks like the two are having a full blown conversation.

Kingston's vocal inflections and hand gestures, coupled with his baby babble, make it look like the two of them are talking about a show they're watching like a couple of adults. It's almost too cute to handle and as a parent myself, it hits a very special nerve.

As hackneyed as it sounds, parents always feel like their kids are growing up too fast, so it's an easy video to relate to. That and the fact that the two are absolutely beautiful together.

I also suspect that it resonated with people because it's such a simple pleasure in life to enjoy. To be able to sit with someone on a couch and have that time be magical, something as mundane as hanging out and watching TV is beautiful. And the video that Shanieke took captured that.

It also captured the attention of "America's Diner," Denny's.