Daemon Targaryen of 'House of the Dragon' Becomes a Father of Four (SPOILERS)

'House of the Dragon' has a time jump where all characters, including Daemon Targaryen, have children. Here's what we know about his family so far.


Sep. 30 2022, Published 11:26 a.m. ET

Daemon Targaryen and his children
Source: HBO

Spoiler alert: This article contains book spoilers from Fire & Blood and potential spoilers for House of the Dragon.

The epic 10-year time jump after Episode 5 of HBO's House of the Dragon initially made fans wary, but they are finally getting acquainted with the many additional characters. Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith), everyone's favorite princely menace, has settled down with two children and more on the way.

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Here's everything you need to know about Daemon Targaryen's children, including their significance to the plot based on the books.

Baela Targaryen

Baela Targaryen played by Shani Smethurst.
Source: HBO

Baela has already appeared on the show, portrayed by Shani Smethurst (young Baela) and Bethany Antonia (teen Baela). Baela and Rhaena are twins, the daughters of Daemon and Lady Laena Velaryon. Baela is a dragon rider and has claimed the dragon Moondancer for her own. She is initially betrothed to her cousin Jacaerys Velaryon.

In the books, Baela is described similarly to Arya Stark and young Rhaenyra — athletic and fearless. She is known to keep her hair short, so it wouldn't get in the way of her dragon riding.

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Rhaena Targaryen

Rhaena Targaryen, played by Eva Ossei-Gerning.
Source: HBO

Rhaena has also appeared on the show, portrayed by Eva Ossei-Gerning (young Rhaena) and Phoebe Campbell (teen Rhaena). Rhaena is the "younger" twin and the daughter of Daemon and Laena Velaryon. Rhaena did not get a dragon right away but eventually bonded with the hatchling Morning. She is initially betrothed to her cousin Prince Lucerys Velaryon.

In the books, Rhaena's personality is described as more "graceful" than her sister, and during the Dance of Dragons, she spends time in the Vale.

Aegon III Targaryen

Aegon III Targaryen, sometimes known as "Aegon the Younger" due to his cousin Aegon II, is the eldest son of Rhaenyra Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen. After the death of Laenor Velaryon, Rhaenyra and Daemon marry and have two children together. Aegon III's dragon is Stormcloud, and he will be portrayed as a child in House of the Dragon by Jake and Rory Heard.

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Aegon III's personality is later marked by the trauma he experiences during the Dance of Dragons, especially when he takes the Iron Throne. He develops a loathing for and fear of dragons, and is known as "Aegon the Unhappy" for the remainder of his reign.

Viserys II Targaryen

Rhaenyra Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen, eventual parents of Viserys II.
Source: HBO

Rhaenyra Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen, eventual parents of Viserys II.

Viserys II is the second child of Rhaenyra Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen. During his youth, he is described as more "mature" than his brother and cousins and an excellent swordsman. Early in the Dance of Dragons, Viserys II is believed to be killed fleeing to safety but eventually ends up in Lys as the ward of a wealthy family, who wed him to their daughter.

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After Viserys II returns to Westeros, he is frequently compared to his politically savvy ancestor Jaehaerys I, and later becomes his brother's Hand of the King. Viserys II also eventually ascends to the Iron Throne, but not until many years after the Targaryen civil war.

Rhaenyra and Daemon briefly have a third child, a daughter named Visenya, who was stillborn.

New episodes of House of the Dragon air Sundays at 9 p.m. EST, only on HBO and HBO Max.

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