Daisy Kent Starred in a Pretty Cringey Music Video Before Appearing on 'The Bachelor'

Daisy Kent had a brief, unfortunate life as a musician before she turned her attention to 'The Bachelor.'


Mar. 19 2024, Published 10:27 a.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers up through the Women Tell All episode of Season 28 of The Bachelor.

And then there were two! Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor has come down to Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson. Joey's final choice has yet to be revealed, but given how far Daisy has advanced in the competition, many there's naturally been quite a bit of focus on her.

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Daisy has seemed like a potential frontrunner since the earliest days of the competition, which is part of the reason a music video she appeared in in 2021 has become so prominent in discussions around the show. Here's what we know about the music video, which is pretty cringey to say the least.

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Daisy Kent was in a music video back in 2021.

The video first resurfaced and circulated online near the beginning of season 28 of The Bachelor, but it has continued to pick up steam as Daisy has advanced in the competition. Daisy is a featured vocalist in the hip-hop-centric track, which appears to be something that was shot on a relatively modest budget. The male artist in the video has not been identified, and the video is now private on YouTube.

The song itself is pretty explicit, though, and features the lyric "lick on my sack suck my nuts now," which certainly contrasts with the more PG image that Daisy has been projecting on the show. Needless to say, the video has been used to make fun of Daisy ever since it resurfaced, although most people are just poking light fun at how bad the song is and how explicit the lyrics are.

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"There’s just something about this girl that makes me feel like she’s living on another planet lol like what is this," one person wrote on Reddit.

"Wellllll this is a different side of Daisy I never expected," another added.

Although this is definitely a strange moment from Daisy's past, it's exactly the kind of a thing a person does when they're young that they later regret. It's true that the video is only a few years old, but Daisy is only 25.

Source: TikTok/@danivvvx
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Daisy has cochlear implants.

In addition to her connection with Joey, a prominent part of Daisy's story throughout her time on The Bachelor has been the illness she suffered just a few years before coming on the show. Daisy has been outspoken about Lyme disease and Ménière's Disease, which ultimately resulted in her losing all of her hearing. She now hears through cochlear implants, which often means that she has to read people's lips when she talks to them.

Now that she's one of just two contestants left on The Bachelor, it seems distinctly possible that she could leave the show with Joey as her fiance. Whatever happens, though, fans will be grateful that her appearance on the show gave them a chance to learn about her brief, disastrous tenure as a musician before she pivoted to reality TV.

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