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Source: Florida State University College of Law

The 'Over My Dead Body' Podcast Is Here to Sate Your 'Dirty John' Withdrawals

By Amber Garrett

Whether you were a listener of the Dirty John podcast or came to know of the story through the Bravo series based on it, chances are you've been experiencing some pretty intense withdrawals. Thankfully, Wondery, the podcast network that brought you Dirty John and Dr. Death, is back with another true crime story full of twists and turns. The first three episodes of this story of love gone wrong dropped, fittingly, on Valentine's Day, and we're already obsessed.

Source: Wondery

Over My Dead Body explores Dan Markel's murder and speculation that his ex-wife, Wendi Adelson — or a member of her family — hired a hit on the father of Wendi's two sons. So far, three people — none of them named "Adelson" — have been arrested for the crime, but reporter Matt Shaer is exploring the possibility that the murder's orchestrator (or orchestrators) are walking free. 

If you can't wait for the next episode or simply want more background on the case, read on for details on Dan Markel's murder and where Wendi Adelson is now.