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Source: YouTube

Dan Schneider Was Among the Firsts to Take up the Fight Against the Oxycontin Epidemic


Dan Schneider launched a private investigation into the drug epidemic affecting the inhabitants of St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans, LA, after the tragic death of his son.

The four-episode-long Netflix miniseries, The Pharmacist chronicles his relentless campaign against the so-called 'pill mill,' a neighborhood doctor's office illegally prescribing Oxycontin for recreational purposes. Ready to find out more about Dan Schneider, the family man who relentlessly fought against Oxycontin misuse?

'The Pharmacist' revolves around Dan Schneider's fight against substance abuse.

Propelled by the profound sense of loss felt over his son, Danny Jr.'s sudden death, Dan instigated his inquiry into the drug-related accidents taking place in the area. His aims were two-fold: to identify the criminal responsible for the death of his beloved son, and to cap the rapid soar of Oxycontin overdoses.