'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' May Be Setting Up a Second Season (SPOILERS)

'Dark Crystal' Season 2 has not yet been confirmed but cast and crew say they're ready for the next chapter of the Netflix new hit series.

Jacqueline Gualtieri - Author

Oct. 30 2019, Updated 3:00 p.m. ET


Although the first season ended with a lead into the original movie, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance left fans wondering if the story was truly over. But according to co-creators Will Matthews and Jeffery Addis, we might not know the half of it. Will there be a Dark Crystal Season 2? The creators say there is far more story that they are ready to tell.

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Will there be a Dark Crystal Season 2? 

Although Netflix has not yet confirmed that there will be a Season 2, the co-creators say that there is more story to be told. They say that they even have "a concrete document for Season 2."

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In an interview with Indie Wire, Will said, "When Jeff and I pitched the show to Netflix way back four years ago, we had an ending that we care a great deal about. We had an ending that talks to the movie and the problem you described,” said Matthews. “If we are lucky enough to get more seasons then the story will go on and we know where it’s going and it’s maybe more hopeful than you might think.”

In the finale of Season 1, the Gelflings were victorious in their battle against the Skeksis. That is, until we see the Skeksis Scientist (Mark Hamill) bioengineering the Garthim, a murderous race that decimates the Gelfling population. The Garthim is why, in the original 1982 movie, there are only two Gelfling left. Or at least, that's what we've been led to believe. Co-executive producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach says we may not have seen the full story.

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"One of the recurring tropes of the show is that the story is much bigger than you imagine and much more complicated,” he said. “Thra is very unpredictable and it follows rules that are consistent, but they may not be the rules you think they are, so you need to be very careful about watching that movie and assuming that you know everything.”

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While the creators' plan for Season 2 is still under wraps, it does sound like there's more to be told. If we are to believe that we haven't seen the full picture from the original Dark Crystal movie, the creators can feel comfortable telling stories that intersect with the timeline shown to us in the movie. Which means that, even if Season 1 directly leads into the movie's timeline, the creators can still give us a fresh take on the story.

What might we see in Dark Crystal Season 2? 

In the original Dark Crystal movie, we see that the Gelflings have been all but wiped out. Jen and Kira are the only two that remain. But Javier seems to be saying that belief might not be true. Although we will likely see the Garthim's rampage in the next season, we will also see the Gelfling fighting back and we may find out where the other Gelfling are hiding throughout the movie. 

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Although Age of Resistance is a prequel to The Dark Crystal, the series actually has its own prequel in comic book form. We've been introduced to the Arathim in the Netflix series, but, according to the comic book series, there's much more background to explore. 

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The comics explore the time of the Arathim Wars and provide background of characters we've already come to love from the show, like Rian's father Ordon and Maudra Fara. With the comics developing new content to work with, we may see the new season showing viewers more of the background of what led the Skeksis to Thra and how they came to power.

Despite the fact that the creators say that there is a plan, we should also consider that, like Will said, the first season took four years of development. So we may see a Dark Crystal Season 2, but we may not see it for some time.

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