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Source: NBC

Rod Covlin Finally Found Guilty, a Decade After Murdering His Wife


Is it just us or is tonight's episode of Dateline pretty much the real-life version of Legally Blonde? When wealthy finance executive Shele Danishefsky Covlin was found dead in the bathtub of her Manhattan apartment, people thought it was an accident. 

Shele's case will be on NBC's Dateline tonight and according to a promotional teaser, her last day went something like this: "Shele's hairdresser came to her apartment to give her hair a keratin treatment. New Year's Eve was the next day, and Shele had a party to go to. She knew to avoid moisture to keep her hair silky after the treatment. But the hairdresser reminded her anyway. No wash. No gym. If it was raining, use a hoodie and an umbrella."

Source: NBC