Dawson Day and Zoe LaVerne Plan on Starting a Family YouTube Channel (EXCLUSIVE)

Dawson Day and TikTok star Zoe LaVerne are expecting their first child together! How long have they been dating, and what's their baby's name?

Sara Belcher - Author

May 21 2021, Published 4:48 p.m. ET

Dawson Day and Zoe Laverne
Source: Instagram

It's been an eventful year for TikTok stars Dawson Day and Zoe LaVerne.

Zoe, who has been dubbed by the internet as a "controversial" influencer, grew her follower count after posting content with then-boyfriend Cody Orlove. After the two ended their tumultuous relationship, the 19-year-old began dating Dawson.

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After less than one year together, the pair are now engaged and are gearing up to become first-time parents!

Between preparing for a new baby and planning their wedding, Dawson took the time to speak exclusively with Distractify about his relationship with Zoe and the pair's post-pregnancy YouTube plans.

Zoe Laverne and Dawson Day
Source: Instagram
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How long have Zoe and Dawson been dating?

Dawson tells Distractify that he and Zoe actually met in 2018 through mutual friends. The pair are from towns less than half an hour away from each other, and they dated briefly for the first time in early 2019.

The pair broke up as Zoe's career continued taking off and she moved to Los Angeles.

In May 2020, Dawson says Zoe moved back to Indiana and they worked on their friendship together. By November of that same year, they were an item.

"We moved in together at end of [2020] and everything's been great," Dawson says. "We've both really worked on ourselves and grew a lot from two years ago. About two months into dating, we found out she was pregnant and we're just so excited."

That work he says they've both put into themselves since they first dated is the reason Dawson decided to propose!

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As shared on their Instagram accounts, Dawson popped the question at their gender reveal party, and Zoe said yes! The pair are holding off on planning the wedding until after their baby is born so she can be part of the wedding too, but both Zoe and Dawson have a lot of exciting milestones in their near future.

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Dawson Day reveals his younger sister helped to name his baby girl.

Zoe is due to have her baby before the end of the year, and Dawson says they've already picked out a name for their little girl.

Dawson says he and Zoe decided they'll name their daughter Emersyn Raylee Day. They've already shared the first name with their followers and Dawson says her middle name will honor both of their mothers.

"My twelve-year-old sister actually came up with Raylee," he says. "Rae is Zoe's mom's middle name, and my mom's middle name is Lee. So we just kind of combined those."

Zoe Laverne and Dawson Day with their mothers
Source: Instagram
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In preparation for their baby girl, Dawson says he's been asking his Teen Mom friends about parenthood, and the pair have also been watching a bunch of family YouTube channels together (The LaBrant Fam is their fave).

"Zoe's looked up a lot of videos about giving birth and she's like petrified of that," he tells us. But most of all, they're both excited to meet their daughter.

Dawson says he and Zoe anticipate starting a family channel of their own to share their experiences as young parents.

But given the controversy of the last year, they've had a difficult time keeping their heads up. Dawson says their daughter already has hate pages, and there are rumors that the baby isn't his (which he says are completely false). For the most part, he and Zoe are trying to ignore the criticism and focus on becoming the best parents they can be.

"For the most part, I try to be the bigger person. That's something I've really worked on the last year or so, is how I respond to people," Dawson says. "Because I kind of just have to tell myself, consider the source. If these people that I don't know, if they're talking like that when they don't even know me, why should I let what they say get to me?"

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