Controversial TikTok Star Zoe LaVerne Is Married to Dawson Day

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Oct. 7 2021, Updated 12:36 a.m. ET

Zoe Laverne Dawson Day
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Though Zoe LaVerne (surname Pemberton) has had a large following on TikTok for some time, many were first introduced to the teen influencer in October of 2020, when a video surfaced of the then-19-year-old kissing her 13-year-old friend, Connor Joyce.

The backlash led Zoe to issue an apology and to take a break from social media. When she returned to posting, she shared the details of her romance with Dawson Day.

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In the time since the two first went public as an item, Zoe and Dawson have shared several major milestones in their relationship, and now it seems that the two have finally taken it to the next level. Keep reading for the latest in her dating life.

Dawson Day and Zoe Laverne
Source: Instagram
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Who is TikToker Zoe Laverne dating?

In December of 2020, just a few weeks after Zoe took a hiatus from posting, she shared that she was (once again) in a relationship with fellow TikTok star Dawson Day

Zoe added photos of the two embracing on her feed, and she captioned them, "I love you."

Dawson also posted an Instagram picture of the duo, which he captioned, "She's amazing," with three hearts. Zoe even commented on the pic, "I love you."

Since then, Dawson and Zoe have continued to keep fans updated on their relationship. Both of their Instagram pages are filled with pictures of one another, and they've remained a united front in the face of controversy.

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The duo reportedly dated in 2019, and their relationship was surrounded by drama. Following Zoe's split from then-boyfriend Cody Orlove, it was reported that the teen influencer started dating her cousin's boyfriend, Dawson. However, Dawson denied the claims. On the Instagram snap, one fan commented, "Didn't you date her cousin?" to which he responded, "No WTF."

Dawson Day
Source: Instagram
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Though their relationship may have faced some bumps once they went public, Connor and Zoe are taking some significant steps together.

Zoe announced that she was expecting her first child in February of 2021, about two months after she began teasing her pregnancy symptoms to her followers.

While some were skeptical and thought that the announcement was for clout, Zoe went on to post several videos to corroborate that the pregnancy tests were real.

Dawson Day and Zoe LaVerne announced their engagement in May of 2021.

When the parents-to-be held a "Staches or Lashes" party to reveal the sex of their baby, Dawson had another surprise up his sleeve for his girlfriend.

Right after the two launched powder cannons to reveal that they were having a girl, Dawson got down on one knee to propose to Zoe. She later showed off her engagement ring online, and she noted that it was the "best day of [her] life."

Dawson revealed at that time that the couple planned to name their daughter Emersyn.

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Dawson Day and Zoe LaVerne
Source: Instagram

Zoe announced the birth of her child and her marriage to Dawson within the span of just three days.

On Oct. 3, 2021, Zoe broke the news to the world that baby Emersyn was delivered successfully. However, she seemingly encountered a bit of difficulty during childbirth. She wrote: "When I was trying to push her out the natural way my placenta busted and I was rushed into emergency c-section and almost lost my life." Nonetheless, Zoe and the baby both made it, and Zoe added that she's "so blessed to be here with Dawson and Emersyn" and "so thankful that God didn’t choose to take [her] away so soon."

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This announcement came alongside some controversy. The TikTok star decided to sell "exclusive" photos of the baby's first moments to fans for $15, which prompted many to claim that she was exploiting the newborn for financial gain.

Following the controversy, it appears that the link to purchase the photos has been removed from her website.

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Zoe shared on Oct. 6, 2021, that she and Dawson were finally legally married on Oct. 5, 2021. Alongside a few pictures of her, Dawson, and their families, the influencer wrote "we are legally married now but we are having our big wedding in June or July! I’ll keep you all updated."

Zoe mentioned that Emersyn wasn't in attendance when it all went down, but that the newborn will "be at [the] big wedding" slated for summer 2022.

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