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Source: Facebook

Daycare Writes a Note on a Baby's Stomach to Shame His Mom into Packing More Diapers


Putting your child in daycare is difficult for most parents. It's tough to leave your kids under the supervision of someone else. And even though they're the most wonderfully aggravating little monsters you'll ever come into contact with, the second you're away from them, you can't wait until they're back in your arms. On top of all that, childcare costs are very, very high, in the US especially.

It's a lot for any parent to handle, and Heather Chisum, a single mom with two children in daycare, has to deal with all of those challenges and more. Like the fact that her boys, Fin and Milo, are being looked after by some strangely heartless folks.

That's perhaps harsh, but how else do you describe someone who leaves a message for a mom on her child's chest and stomach in permanent marker?