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Did Amy Slaton-Halterman From '1000-Lb. Sisters' Have Her Baby?



The first season of the TLC docuseries 1000-Lb. Sisters centered around Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton-Halterman and their respective journeys to lose weight. At the beginning of the series, Amy weighed 406 pounds, and her older sister weighed 605 pounds. 

In addition to altering their eating habits and making efforts to exercise more, the Kentucky-based sibling duo was assisted by bariatric surgeon Dr. Proctor

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By the end of the first season, Amy was eligible for weight loss surgery, while Tammy still had to lose 50 more pounds. Another element included in Season 1 was Amy's desire to lose weight so she could ultimately have a successful pregnancy.  

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Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, the sisters revealed that Amy's wish was granted, and that she was pregnant during filming.

Did Amy Slaton have her baby? Continue reading to find out how she announced the news, and to learn if there's any update on how far along she is. 

Amy Slaton-Halterman was pregnant while filming Season 2 of '1000-Lb. Sisters.'

The 33-year-old reality star was largely dedicated to losing weight in order to one day be able to have a full-term pregnancy. Amy and husband Michael Halterman renewed their vows on the show so they could finally get the wedding of their dreams. 

After their second nuptials, Michael and Amy focused on expanding their family. 

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Though Dr. Proctor told Amy to wait to get pregnant until two years had passed following her bariatric surgery, she revealed on the Season 2 teaser that she didn't listen.

In the trailer for Season 2 — which was exclusively released via People — Amy announces that she is pregnant. 

"I got a big secret," Amy tells Dr. Proctor, while a behind-the-scenes video of her pregnancy announcement photoshoot is shown.

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"What's your secret?" the surgeon asks.

"I'm pregnant," Amy says.

In her confessional, Amy discusses how she is concerned about the pregnancy, but that it's a dream fulfilled. 

"Having a baby means the world to me," Amy explains. "It's everything I've always wanted."

Though Amy is optimistic about having a baby, her sister isn't afraid to bring her back to reality. 

On a phone call, the two discuss how risky it was for Amy to get pregnant so soon after weight loss surgery.

"I know," Amy responds after Tammy expresses concerns. "It's like, 'Im scared as hell.'"

While Amy has already achieved the goal she set for her weight loss, Tammy is still struggling to hit the number she needs to get the surgery.

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Did Amy Slaton have her baby?

Because Season 2 was filmed several months ago — and Amy was already four months along when taping commenced — fans have been wondering if Amy and Michael have since welcomed their bundle of joy. 

Amy has not discussed the status of her pregnancy publicly, and she will likely not reveal any information until Season 2 begins airing. In a vlog posted in December of 2020 on her YouTube channel with Tammy, Amy did not mention a baby or her pregnancy.

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Fans will just have to tune in to the show to find out more about Amy's pregnancy, and to learn how it all turns out.

1000-Lb. Sisters premieres on Jan. 4 and regular episodes air on Mondays at 10 p.m. on TLC. 

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