'My 600-lb Life' : Where Are Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio, aka the "One-Ton Family" Today?

Siblings Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio began their weight loss journey with Dr. Now in 2018. Where are they today?

Allison Cacich - Author

Apr. 24 2024, Updated 1:04 p.m. ET

Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio in Dr. Now's office
Source: TLC / Facebook

During Season 6 of My 600-lb Life, viewers first met siblings Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio from Louisiana. When they initially sought Dr. Now's help in 2018, the trio collectively weighed over a ton, aka 2,000 pounds, earning themselves the name the "One-Ton Family."

Their journey continued when they were featured on the series spin-off Where Are They Now? where fans received an update on the siblings weight loss journeys.

But it's been a minute since we've heard from the "One-Ton Family." Below, we discuss their time on the show as well as where they are today.

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Who are Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio from 'My 600-lb Life'?

Roshanda, Brandie, and Clarence were characterized as "super morbidly obese" by Dr. Now, and while they tried to get their weight under control before, they struggled to find a physician willing to treat them. "We’ve been to doctors over the years who have told us there’s nothing they can do to help us because we’re too big," one of the Perrios shared during their episode titled "One-Ton Family," which aired in 2020.

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Luckily, Dr. Now was in their corner, and the trio agreed to move to Houston to be closer to the bariatric surgeon’s practice. At the start, Roshanda weighed 783 pounds, Brandie weighed 600 and 650 pounds, and Clarence claimed to weigh less than his sisters, though his size had still become a major issue.

Brandi was the first sibling approved for weight loss surgery, followed by Clarence, who had taken a break from Dr. Now’s program to care for their sick father.

Seeing her sister and brother undergo gastric sleeve procedures motivated Roshanda to stick to a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet and exercise at least three times a week. She was finally approved for her surgery after hitting 605 pounds.

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Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio in Dr. Now's office in 2018
Source: TLC

Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio in Dr. Now's office in 2018

Over the course of a year, the Perrios managed to lose a combined 700 pounds, and all got weight loss surgery, but they knew they still had a long road ahead. In early 2019, Roshanda was hovering around 600 pounds, while Brandi weighed in at 370 and Clarence sat at 397.

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"We’re eating right, getting our exercise in, and hopefully that will lead us to all our goals soon," Brandi told the camera. But as their weight loss journeys continued, they realized that trying to lose weight together wasn’t working for them, and it was time to focus on their individual progress.

When they appeared on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, which aired in 2022, Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence were still struggling to keep up their progress and weren't as driven as they once were.

Still, Roshanda revealed that she’d lost over 300 pounds since beginning her weight loss journey, meaning that she was roughly within the 400 to 500 pound range.

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Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio in Dr. Now's office
Source: TLC

Meanwhile, Clarence, who had shed over 200 pounds, said he quit Dr. Now’s program, claiming he planned to lose the rest of the weight on his own.

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And Brandi, who had started to gain some of the weight back, confessed that she also left the program to concentrate on her music career after receiving offers to play on the road. Still, she said she wanted to recommit to a healthier lifestyle in the future.

Where is the "One-Ton" family today in 2024?

When Roshanda, Brandie, and Clarence made their TLC debut, they were very active on social media and even had a joint Facebook page. However, over the years, they haven't been sharing as much of their lives with fans as they used to. So, what are these siblings up to in 2024?

Roshanda, who can be found on Instagram @bigsexybish28, does post frequently, but her posts usually don't relate to the show or the weight loss journey she embarked on with her siblings. It's unclear if she's lost any additional weight since she last appeared on TLC.

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Roshanda, Brandie, and Clarence Perrio in Dr. Now's office
Source: Instagram / @bigsexybish28

Recent photos of Roshanda, Brandie, and Clarence Perrio

However, she doesn't seem to have gained any weight back and loves dressing up, often sharing full-body photos of her outfits.

As for Brandi, she appears to have backtracked a little. The hip-hop artist currently has a private Instagram account, but in November 2023, Roshanda shared a photo of her and her twin brother Brandon (who was not featured on the show), wishing them a happy birthday.

In the comment section, one fan wrote: "Oh no, she’s gained most of her weight back!" regarding Brandi.

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Clarence is also on Instagram under the handle @yodyflame84.

He doesn't share too many photos of himself, so it's hard to say where he's at, but he does appear to have kept most of the weight he lost off.

In an April 2024 post, Clarence shared that he just finished CDL school and is seemingly trying to enter the trucking industry. He also recently shared a video of him playing basketball, showing that he's been staying active.

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